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  1. (if anybody has a better detail shot, that would be dope though...)
  2. Anybody got a pic of the old MUL Watchmen piece right off Howard? Can't believe I can't find that shit via google (no need to bring up the current beef, I'm just looking for a picture) (edit) Sheeeyt, nevermind
  3. chitownbneatnik


    Truth. Had these for a year--comfortable as fuck. Threw a weatherized soul on the bottom, pretty sure they're gonna survive for quite some time: 13-09-16_Lehl_BrklySpply_0209_1024x1024.jpg?v=1380 (Wolverine 1000 Mile)
  4. chitownbneatnik


    Just copped pol_pl_Nike-Son-Of-Force-Mid-Winter-Black-Gum-8072
  5. Saw some beautiful work on cars in the O'Hare yard this morning but couldn't catch a flick, they've got that shit on prominent display. If anybody got shots...
  6. ...Oh hey. Fist, if you posted ^^ in the name of the game, I'd have to say double smash? Regardless, broad on the right in Hell Baby: ... http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x12ellr_shower-scene-riki-lindhome-in-hell-baby_redband?start=2
  7. I suppose I was going for degree of smash... =
  8. Biting Brian Jungen cept his shit's doper http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Jungen
  9. I also saw the hatchet man, and am happy for my discerning eye. Part of the game, I'd say.
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