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  1. drawball was great times. i forget whose butt that is
  2. i also know folks not rushing to return to work, restaurant folks especially. i kinda get it though. the past year has laid bare what a devils bargain the restaurant/service world is.
  3. whenever i shit my pants it's because i trusted a fart too much. hate to do it at the one yard that's an hour and a half away from home, though
  4. we just went through a correction, it always happens. things may be on their way back up depending on how inflation goes this week— i was too psyched by how well 2020 went and had my blinders on buying when i did.
  5. lol i bought arkk at a peak. solidarity
  6. mercer i'm glad you're good. take this thing seriously y'all!
  7. lmao who's mandating it? where? you can work in a retirement home without a vaccine. i wish we'd mandate it so that we don't get a deadlier/more contagious variant in 6 months, but that virus has freedoms, too
  8. i'm voting in the manmade group here. also whoa
  9. accidentally bought into ARKK at all time highs, would be happy getting out at a $100 loss at this point.
  10. starbucks jelly beans 70% off is real
  11. - you like who you like. there will be people who hate race mixing, of course, but they're small minded. - nonwhite people can have immense and sometimes complicated relationships with race, both theirs and others. it's not for you to mess with. i urge you not to refer to her as a "sista" unless she thinks that's cute - don't be cringe, especially if you end up consistently dating one group. you can (and probably do) have a type, but there is a big difference between having a type and having an obsession
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