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  1. kerrygold has to be cut, right? there's no way it's 100% irish butter. you can buy that shit everywhere.
  2. some of y'all are goofing on my post. not allowed. sesame street is good and wholesome. the *individual characters* are all a little gay. i'm accepting
  3. i'm thinking about how every character on sesame street was at least a little bit gay
  4. to an extent. i wish mine also helped me do better work, and tamp down bullshit in advance of me dealing with it.
  5. yeah man super mild here too. i miss real winter
  6. rode my bike for exactly 25 minutes in friday's 18 degree weather + 30mph winds... couldn't flex my fingers for a bit afterwards
  7. boys it's time to write some content for bots
  8. better than me. they hate that i refuse to open more than one card and have no debt
  9. having the worlds largest and being bi... unstoppable
  10. he can't even get a boner? that's boring. what's the point?
  11. ideal male living space. looks chill
  12. caught it early and my derma is a hot redhead. saul goodman
  13. i always wonder about these and the gas station dick pills. america runs on supplements
  14. got a mole chopped off today and have to go back to get much more skin removed. cancer sucks, detect it early. my fellow pale people... this is for you
  15. i'm tall and hot for the record. and all my friends are gay girls.
  16. lotta guys writing self-hating physical descriptions in here. men in progress. weird ass thread.
  17. i wanna do a wholecar and sell some art and finish building my new bike.
  18. always with the tryhard 300 music
  19. i'm sliding through the pussy in my waterproof asics
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