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  1. croissant bread is luxury. it's great
  2. no, that part is out the window. which makes me sad, kinda, as local hosts are the best way to visit somewhere. that was and is a good niche. not as nakedly profitable and higher effort than a number of investment properties that run themselves, of course, so less common. i go out of my way to stay in someone's home, with someone, when that's an option. i still kinda like to meet people. i hate people who've bought up cities like new orleans and just own six houses that they rent out constantly. fuck that. it sucks to live next to those places and people who rent them just want to make money. couldn't care less about the place they're making money in. but they're about to run into the cost advantage hotels have in a lot of areas. once those cleaning fees hit a hotel gets much more attractive. i had to take out my own trash and clean the kitchen at the last airbnb i was at, and was still out $150/night. i do think airbnb fundamentally has a good brand and a good service and that the small out of state landlords/money printing operations are gonna be forced to be become better neighbors in order to continue to exist. this is good and desirable, and airbnb should take the lead on helping their renters be better landlords or risk increasingly aggressive regulation.
  3. you're a knight in the middle ages and you just got all dressed in chain mail for battle but now you want to crank your hog. can't do it
  4. i feel that! biggest beef with my box section rims (not the black bontragers above, my silver tourers) is all the flex. i crave some stiffness
  5. oh yeah, sounds like a flat i got earlier this year. goodnight tire
  6. and you have to see your dads dick, too
  7. remember when they made the mustang a crossover?
  8. oh they just can't sell sedans anymore, no one can. everyone wants Tall Small or Large SUV or Pickup Truck for My Family. shitty trend that gets pedestrians and other road users killed
  9. gym bros smell and wear kirkland shirts. but the masculinity they perform is way safer/better than being like an illegal street racer or a youtuber or beating their baby moms. Men Today is a whole different thread tho
  10. shoutout to this sincere and positive thread? 12oz has changed
  11. i think about this a lot, we're living in a time when most of what millennials and gen z grew up with and/or expected to have when we got old will be unattainable. kids born today will know, like, the water wars when they get old. i'd have anxiety too
  12. just check for cracks now and then. they don't like to, but it sounds like shimano is warrantying some of them if they can't make up a bullshit excuse
  13. love that, yes sir is that the ultegra crankset that's been coming apart? @thanksshimano on instagram
  14. on my last freezer bag of gasoline
  15. everyone says they have anxiety now. what is it? this is mostly a sincere question. i am dead inside and approach my life by guessing about possible outcomes and their likelihood, then preparing accordingly. it's all on the level whether it's a date or a long hill on my bike or meeting new people. i feel anxious in the understandable situations, like being on trial or asking for a raise. but what's it like to just be anxious all the time? who can elaborate?
  16. truly. the toilet in that household has been through it all
  17. light night after eating pizza and red meat all weekend. salmon and kale salad
  18. lol man i got dumped right after booking this trip. 2013 inj you were in for a RIDE
  19. drawball was great times. i forget whose butt that is
  20. i also know folks not rushing to return to work, restaurant folks especially. i kinda get it though. the past year has laid bare what a devils bargain the restaurant/service world is.
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