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  1. oh NOW you don't want a three way huh
  2. are fine. you've been required to be vaccinated to go to school and to travel and more. plenty of people will go unvaccinated and risk dying, and that's freedom or whatever. individual businesses are probably free to discriminate on the basis of vaccination status, and i support that—their call. we're just trying not to fill the emergency rooms with covid patients again, that could be very inconvenient when that day's mass shooting happens.
  3. where do you even go to get brick weed now? vintage stuff
  4. would try to track down a farmers market and pick up some hatch chile stuff. great ideas!
  5. i wish i could've scored, they were beautiful. people moved quick!
  6. ended up with a pair of bontrager alloys, the paradigm elites. they actually feel a little too light under what's arguably a heavy steel frame. but they are super agile and really dig into turns, very fun
  7. my guy is in the trenches for real
  8. chicken looks smacking too. cmon tech
  9. i pinch the nose through the mask? that hurts but so does waking up in the morning
  10. real one... they never admit it stinks
  11. - the energy drink burp into your mask makes your eyes water - taking a shit with a mask on changes the scent of the shit. for the worse. today's shawarma chicken plume just about killed me
  12. i know. dude was syrian and the family is still running with the mental illness angle? appropriation
  13. another day, another white man "having a bad day" . 7 reportedly dead in a boulder supermarket for the crime of being in the pharmacy at the wrong time
  14. read this and logged off to take a tylenol. we can try again tomorrow fellas
  15. this is also very funny because you should take an evening or two and learn about how the iraq war was sold by republicans and lapped up by the "liberal media" you complain about. this human centipede of bad intel was endlessly circled back and forth between the two until something became fact. aluminum tubes! WMDs! it's everything they said about the russia investigation, and it led to the 18 year war who's anniversary is today
  16. lol dude come on. execute command to remove head from ass you didn't watch republicans furiously backpedal on, or outright ignore the coup attempt? good times
  17. https://www.vice.com/en/article/k7adn9/car-location-data-telematics-us-military-ulysses-group "Although the company told Motherboard it has not sold the product to the U.S. government at this time, the news highlights the scale and reach of car-tracking technology, and the fact that car location data is of interest not just to insurance companies and the finance sector, but to government contractors who explicitly say they want to source the data for intelligence and surveillance purposes. Ulysses previously had a contract with U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), though for a different piece of technology."
  18. texting divorced women just to feel something
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