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  1. these prop65 stickers talk about specific components that are mostly toxic when you, like, eat them, not in everyday use. might be an acrymalide warning too. wash your hands and avoid eating your appliances you'll be fine.
  2. they're super cool man — can run up to a 50/34 with clearance for like 2"+ tires? steel and carbon frame? sliding dropouts so long you can basically change your wheelbase? it's so good
  3. obscenely expensive bike: loading
  4. nevermind i'm gonna sell my space horse frame and get a flaanimal. i wanna go fast and go bikepacking twice a year
  5. i used to work for a guy from lancaster pa who rocked a salt life decal on his truck. i was absolutely ruthless.
  6. on the srs i'm probably throwing it in one of those sweet-ass 7% i-bonds
  7. the IRS goofed and i'm still chasing this fucking refund a year later
  8. a top 5 annoying lifestyle brand about nothing has a cofounder who's into kids. what are the other 4? what's the power rankings?
  9. @LUGR does he wanna share the rest of that rub. i have a bunch of powdered mustard to use up
  10. did you send bank account and routing number now like he asked?
  11. all about the seedy brown mustard where you can chew the pustules
  12. waiting on vietnamese food, powerposting
  13. me at 13 doing my third fill-in under a bridge
  14. me visiting dallas in november 1963
  15. this is 100% true though. read your ingredients lists but the HFCS ketchups just aren't good
  16. "natural" is one of the packaging words that is basically meaningless and has no formal meaning for FDA purposes; they haven't defined it or plan to enforce it. there's loose guidance but not much else.
  17. the other angle that not enough people are talking about... all the hazmat cars that derailed have to do with the plastics industry. the biggest issue of our lifetimes will be using less of it and disposing of what we have. don't think for a minute that it's not just as bad that we incinerate tons and tons of waste plastics of all kinds every day. richly ironic that it happened 30-odd miles from the nations newest plastic factory of sorts, the ethylene cracker in monaca pa
  18. i worry for family/friends in northeast ohio and western pa, we're not gonna know the consequences for a long time. east palestine is poor. rural. but folks there know the history of the region, which is exactly like this incident: big industry pays politicians to get elected. "creates jobs" etc etc you know the lines. big industry fucks up. big industry assures everyone that this is fine, politicians repeat it. people realize their wells and homes are poisoned.
  19. you guys have fallen off. i would've expected five pages of insanity here at least. i don't have any big takes here though. i think you can see a clear through line between the los angeles train break-ins, the rail strike that almost happened, and this, which is that the railroads are singularly focused on cutting their operating costs to find stock buybacks. nothing else explains how cheap the american class 1 railroad is... nothing. even in painting freight graffiti, yards around me are lower stakes. workers don't care like they used to. more trespassing by random people, more junk on the tracks.
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