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  1. damn. free my guy (from the toilet) i just got bronchitis but so far it's pretty chill.
  2. wow, embarrassing website. first the forum clock now this. crown and RC is probably really good.
  3. i'm gonna probably go maskless at my first concert in three years? this weekend. really going wild.
  4. the thing about covid tests is the instant tests are way less accurate for the new strains. they're gonna be worthless pretty soon.
  5. i cleaned hot tubs for a few summers. don't go in public ones. this has been a public, pubic, service announcement
  6. hot springs are the shit... i went to a very low key one in wyoming. the real hot part was like 115-120?
  7. going through a real bad patch in my relationship this week. it's been six and a half years and while we're still talking i think it's probably over. chalk some of it up to maturity but i have marveled at the patience i've been able to muster for this process. i drank because i wanted to feel good, or even just different, and immediately. i conducted my entire life that way. didn't matter how irrational or dramatic the change was. it had to be instantaneous. i am handling this completely differently — with patience and compassion and making moves only when it is clear that i can and should. what a thing we have here.
  8. the last few years really radicalized me to become a "fix old stuff" person. house stuff in particular. i can't imagine buying a smart home or smart appliances. none of it is built to last, it's so expensive, it's all meant to be replaced once it's out of warranty.
  9. damn. considering how much junk is more than $2000 that almost feels cheap
  10. chili over rice is top tier. anything over rice is though. i'm aggressively pro-rice, it's the best carb. i think the chili recipe was usually: - whatever ground beef was on sale that week (feel like we had a lot of 85/15) - canned tomato purée - canned diced tomato - a white onion, minced and cooked down - garlic powder - canned red beans or black beans - cumin - black pepper top with sour cream, cheese (i skipped both and went for hot sauce)
  11. perfect mix for partying, laying back chilling, or just guys night
  12. cincinnati chili fucking sucks. but chili over noodles is a comfort food classic. not sure if that's ohio specific but i grew up on chili over noodles with a side of cornbread. no vegetables in sight. thank you ohio.
  13. you need to check that classics haven't been posted, before posting. that's like ordering a cold miller light and letting it get warm on the bar brother. Salt Life.
  14. it is good that americans are being reminded that trains, broadly speaking, derail all the time. it's mostly minor but the risk of something much worse is pretty important!
  15. better yet i think it because they own their masters now. labels robbed them blind back in the day
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