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  1. probably not hippity hop enough for this thread. do something pussy
  2. how are you gonna have thin skin and try to make it as a freelancer hun
  4. we gotta have a talk about how hot moms are. so many hot moms out there
  5. what are everyone's opinions on computers? i don't wanna really mount my phone to my handlebars, just need something small to start and stop strava.
  6. this is not to harsh the vibes or whatever. every day sober is a good one, and on the great ones we get to live a fulfilling and principled life. the stakes are high, though. i'm interviewing for jobs now and i think about this stuff a lot when it comes to boring hr people asking about "times i've persevered" or whatever. this would be the answer but i gotta make up something else.
  7. gf's dad has been slipping and relapsing for about three months. he came into town last month and had a few cocktails and some oxys for his arthritis pain when the three of us hung out. he knows he shouldn't have any of that but didn't feel bad about it. "i'm not hurting anyone" is what he told me when i confronted him about it in a moment when it was just us two. he fucked around and OD'd last week. he is alive but his organs are beginning to fail. guy is now making right with his family and trying to take his program seriously. it's sad as hell and didn't have to happen. my girl is destroyed over it. dad survived a ten year bid, multiple stabbings and being shot by the cops six times. dad's gonna die because he likes oxy. alcoholism and addiction are the devil. don't let your guard down. it may be the last thing you do
  8. my friends who enjoy weed and mushrooms have very normal lives and none are in jail. i don't trust myself with either but it seems very simple
  9. admins please cut that price in half. thanks
  10. 100% crazy price but i also might not see one like this in my size... ever again? i don't really have the scratch either way. sigh
  11. gas leaf blowers should be banned, they are a nuisance and those 2 stroke engines are unforgivably dirty. but what did matt think he was gonna do here
  12. fran drescher is highly rated and still underrated. so fine
  13. any old dogshit spray paint, i like the challenge
  14. vivid dream about smoking weed in a house that smelled like old carpet, all alone. i knew my parents were dead. pretty chill
  15. someone like casek could go into more detail. as i understood it was a dns thing and there's no evidence (YET?!!???) that it was human. still. the truth is out there......
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