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  1. criminal mischief or felony vandalism depending on how much you painted and criminal tresspass/ breaking and entering. thats if they really wanted to. chances are they won't bother with an abandoned warehouse,but some cops (most really) are dicks. sounds like the cops didn't want to bother with the paperwork. plus, catching some kids painting inside some abandoned building isn't as gloat worthy as catching some drug dealer or something cool like that. graff is low priority in most places.
  2. sounds like bullshit (the quotes not showing up) i remember that shit taking like 3 months.
  3. HOW TO NOT GET SHOT. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh7Nz8W7v26s6KuR8d
  4. shit, leans got mono? damn son, hope he's alright. GET WELL SOON.
  5. where the fuck did lean go? he locked up or something?
  6. benched that myth freight a couple years back, not sure if its my pic or not. shit was nice though..
  7. i think its more a matter of long term exposure at high doses that causes that, or just he was trying to come off them too quickly. idk. usually when you OD on codiene you stop breathing, not seize up. idk though, im not a doctor.
  8. bill cosby sweater. swag. gotta cop that.
  9. hahaha. at this point he's probably sippin out the whole bottle, that shit stays in your system and can accumulate or some shit like that, thats probably whats happening. or mixing it with benzo's/ alchohol whatever else.
  10. anyone wearing that should be beat on sight for it. don't even put them in the same boat.
  11. i hate it when people bitch about nsfw content in channel zero, talking about getting in trouble at work. it wouldn't happen if you were working and not surfing the internet to begin with. failed logic havin ass nurgas.
  12. Re: How do you deal with creative blocks? fuck all that weed bullshit. you gotta learn how to let your mind run wild on its own. i just close my eyes and focus on the imagery in my mind and let it unfold infront of me on its own without letting my thoughts interfere. usually you'll have some pretty crazy shit pop up in your head. as far as with letters, i like to look at random objects in the world for inspiration and then apply it to said format.. look up random shit on the internet, like caligraphy, different types of animals, architechture rock formtions etc. etc. whatever the fuck it is. just take a random image and find a way to let it into your work.
  13. looks like putin and vanilla ice chillin in a motel six..
  14. would probably murder if it was in my store on my shift, but since its not and i don't work retail anymore that shits mad funny yo.
  15. ^seriously... thats how it starts. feels like a bad case of the flu and then BAM! aids. im not just positive, im HIV positive that you should go get yourself tested. southpark is playing that episode about cartman getting aids so its kind of a cool coincidence.
  16. Graffiti: Fun or Dumb? 1970's psa, kinda cool. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=151_1340959772
  17. i think opening beer bottles with my teeth is hardcore. i know its not, but i still feel pretty badass when i do it. im working my way up to disposing of the bottles by breaking them over my head but it hasn't worked out that well so far.
  18. getting ready for work, and by getting ready for work i mean im watching beverly hills cop.
  19. im still convinced pure graffiti is a troll site like the landover baptist site. but for graffiti... speaking of which i remember when the dude that runs that site trolled bombing science for like a week straight. it was kinda cool.
  20. false, im mostly potatoes tpbm is a minimum wage slave
  21. the real romero died in a house fire 2 years ago. im just some random homeless guy who's been logging on to his account via the public library where he never logged out and they never cleared their cookies. completely disregard the fact that the login issues would make this scenario impossible, the library i frequent defies the laws of internet physics.
  22. i saw a festo kgb tag today. im going to post it. eventually.
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