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  1. im convinced that abstract expressionism was dreamed up by a bunch sarcastic douches who were like "dude, i wonder how much shitty art we can put out there before people catch on that this is all a joke" except no one caught on. look guys! i threw paint at a canvas, im totally pushing the envelope on what art is!! idk. i hate it though.
  2. marina abramovic - balkan erotic epic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIN8Cm5rYXY COMPLETELY NONSENSICAL. also, boobies!
  3. draw dicks on all the msk. problem solved. wait no, their from cali... that would just encourage them to stay, so whatever you do DON'T draw dicks on their pieces.. draw boobies instead.
  4. ^ law enforcement hasn't "officially" begun using them for surveillance, but they are currently trying to implement it up in new york and in nova etc. its comin yall haha. they gonna get you with your pants down at the yard. probably drop a hellfire missle on you so called art terrorists.
  5. you guys trippin too hard on the cameras.. be worried about all these drones that are comin our way in a couple years LOL.
  6. you a vegan or someshit daaawg? lots of foliage on that first receipt lol.
  7. pear sold out soooo hard how he destroyed DC and SF and Detroit... what a fucking lame. how could he do that? lololol.
  8. the first year is the hardest after you lose someone, it will get better in time, but first you have to accept it and let it go. cryin won't bring that fool back, and if you keep stressin on it you are liable to lose your mind, eventually you got to accept your mans death and keep it rollin. don't stop livin your life because of it, because thats not what your people want from you when they go.. the pain never goes away completely but you can't dwell on it.. you got to go on livin or you get sucked into depression and anxiety and shit like that and i can tell you straight up thats no way to live. go out and bomb hard and throw your mans up whenever you can, keep the memory of his life alive, not the memory of his death. they never leave you completely, im not mad religious or anything but i feel like there is like another plain of existence or whatever the fuck you wanna call it and the dead never really go away, they just on another level of existence chillin. i swear whenever i'd lose family or friends you can feel them in the room with you. maybe im just trippin but i know im not the only person who's felt that way. keep your head up though bro.
  9. THIS. had to log in to prop your ass. it sounds fishy that they are going to spend money to fund a task force focused solely on writers when you got all that other crazy shit going on in the D. my thoughts are that this was a scare tactic they are just trying to spread the rumor that they are out there like that so that some of these scary fools are gonna be too shook to go to the spots to paint. cut the graff problem down without having to do anything lol. idk though, i may be wrong but it seems suspect that they would worry about shit as trivial as graff when people are being shot up and there are no squad cars dispatched to the area and shit.
  10. wtf are you getting at?
  11. ..romero..


    oh, and MINECRAFT lol.
  12. ..romero..


    i haven't bought a new video game in for ever, the only one that im really looking forward to is gta5, fuck the rest. shit i like playing and play on a regular or semi regular basis big fan of hitman, not a huge fan of absolution though.
  13. someone get video of said fight, so that i may quench my undying blood lust.
  14. haha my bad, couldn't tell over the internet and all that. i saw like 3 or 4 posts of you doggin him so i wasn't sure lol.
  15. completely irrelevant but whats up with you not liking jive? just curious.. i like his work.
  16. i've only been there once and remember seeing a shooting and almost getting carjacked with my parents on bankhead. also its the gay capital of the south, and also the world capital of rachet hoes if im not mistaken..
  17. this is whats wrong with this website. how the FUCK does he have a full set of tictacs? why? i had to work for that shit man, and this fool comes out of nowhere with some whackass 3rd grade type graff letters and a personality as inviting as a toilet seat in a truckstop bathroom that hasn't been cleaned since forever and he somehow manages to get a full set. do you know how many witty and insanely funny comments i had to post to get where im at? not many actually, i think i got most of my props from posting in the latina and asian appreciation thread... in either event you suck and don't deserve said props until you have proven your worth to us all by showering this thread with big bootied brazilian bitches bouncing their butts and or japanese girls doing weird things with various cephalopods... MAKE IT HAPPEN. and i won't ask again mone your shit is starting to look hella good, practice your hands though son. props to sayword and chillar, and eba for that breadloaf thing. thats awesome.
  18. ^ i propped you for your name alone. don't make me regret this decision...
  19. who knows who cares, gossipping is whack, go paint some shit. unless yall are down with kasr then stfu. got photos im just sittin on i should upload, i probably won't tho. you honkies don't deserve to be blessed by my mediocre photography skills lol. in the meantime though check out this dope video i found on some hardcore writers from overseas. definitely worth watching. this is how it SHOULD be done. peep game yall.
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