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  1. ^ lol, someone needs to find out who this person is and taunt him unmercilessly for his faggotry.
  2. for Morton, boats and mass coming up later..
  3. for I_R, massgraff I owe you one I spelled it wrong, whatever lol..
  4. nice piece, you are aware that you can use a different email than the one you use on facebook etc right? and that in any event with a warrant a police officer can locate you from your IP address down to your exact location. your best bet Is to just not post any of your own work, or do so and don't claim it. unless you are a retard who put his writer name as his username on a website frequented by law enforcement. lol. just to be clear I only take pictures, I've never picked up a spray paint can in my life, honest ;)
  5. I shoulda outlined it with the hilighter to clean it up a bit but whatever, fuck it haha.
  6. kinda fucked it up but here you go.
  7. ^ forreal. him and nover got good shading/coloring skills.
  8. mass was dope, but im gonna go with mek to get this thread moving. mek gmv.
  9. ^ or that if Zimmerman knew how to block a punch or throw one this would have just been a fight and everyone would have gone home alive. shit, someones hitting me! gotta blast them in the face with my gun because punches hurt too much!
  10. so it turns out flickr has taken it upon themselves to deprive me of my pro account without any consultation of myself, and without reimbursing me with the money I had paid them. I paid for a two year subscription and it was ended, PREMATURELY before the first year was up, for the new "free" terabyte of space that I never even asked for, as well as a myriad of other things I should have gotten out of having a pro account. FUCK YOU YAHOO. may you burn in hell. im going to instagram or something, this is some bullshit.
  11. I think people are focusing too much on the racial profiling part of it and are less focused on him shooting someone who wasn't armed. no one knows what happened as far as who threw the first punch or who confronted who etc. but the fact that George Zimmerman made no attempt at fighting back before he shot him makes me think this was not a valid self defense.. he escalated the use of deadly force before it was necessary, maybe if he hadn't been a pussy and fought back a lil bit the kid wouldn't be dead and he would just have a broken nose and a couple cuts.. dude is boohooin about getting stomped out when Rihanna took a worse beating and she even went back with the guy (dumb broad). or better yet, don't follow someone you suspect is "up to no good" and "possibly on drugs" into a poorly lit area. how to avoid getting robbed/smashed on 101 would have that as the first lesson. also just wanted to point out that when I type George Zimmerman into my keyboard it capitalizes the name, but when I type trayvon martin it doesn't and tells me I've misspelled it. RACIST MESSAGING BOARD! lol.
  12. and there is a snek in new York that can burn both of them, who gives a fuck though? like either one is gonna come down to missouri any time soon lol.
  13. bro, like I said... you go to DC, ANYWHERE in DC, there are cops literally everywhere, you sit outside for 5 minutes and I promise you will see atleast 3 go by. so like I said, walking around philly for a whole day and only seeing 7 or so, that's a big difference in police presence, which is why I commented on it. and like I said, im not speaking for all parts of philly, I was only in one area, it might be different in other areas of the city.
  14. lol yeah probably.. I've only been to a couple of large cities.. I've been to kc,baltimore,ny,philly,atl,dc, and Houston/dallas etc. of all those cities philly is near the bottom as far as cop presence goes. I was only there for a day or so but I noticed a real lack in presence compared to other cities I've been to for how busy it is. but I was on the southside for the most part so that might be why. up north where its hotter there is probably more patrols. I saw literally like 7 in a 10 hour span. I see 7 just walking to the store out here.
  15. its duose and snek. not shek. duo from SA is cool, but theres no reason duose can't do his thing up in missouri.
  16. you guys read what people post in here? I just scroll through all that shit until I see pics.. usually its a bunch of dick riding and circle jerking in this thread "omgs! that fill is so sick yo!" "thanks bro, your letters came out real nice as well! lets do a wicked awesome exchange!" fap fap fap fap fap fap.
  17. last time I was in philly I saw barely any cops.. compared to dc where they are on literally EVERY corner, maybe I just wasn't in the right part of philly. up north with all the crime its probably a lot more prevalent.
  18. fat girls are practice girls for virgins and people who are bad at picking up decent women, or are lazy and want an easy fuck. or all three.
  19. trash everything on this page, except maybe the Asian on the top pic.
  20. THIS. dude was mindin his own business, cops always find a reason to hem someone up, especially when they are recording. there should be laws to prevent that kinda thing from happening, OH WAIT, there already is lol. he was in a public space, they have no right to do all that. fuck cops. seriously, fuck them.
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