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  1. some people put too much time into piecing then let their hands and throws suffer for it.. you guys starting all backwards and shit. you sposed to get the bombing shit down first, thats how you get noticed.. that piecing stuff comes later, after your straights are solid.
  2. i sorta like the fact that all the new pics are displayed in a endless stream like tumblr, but when you try to fave shit it won't let you because for some reason there is a thumbnail hanging right over it, meaning you have to go to the photostream, which refuses to load past half way.. idk. coulda been a dope new design, but too many bugs.
  3. ..romero..


    yo, is paint locked up in bmore?
  4. arent' you part of their crew though? thats bias right there haha.. but nah, bones and taste are killin it!
  5. bout to make this paper tho! come back droppin the finest pieces with all my fancy paint cans that cost a bazillion dollars each.
  6. goin to job corps. off the radar for another 8-12 months lol. hope i don't get locked before i go.
  7. ainu people are cool, keepin bears as pets, badassery..
  8. i think you're reaching there, its just an expression, like 'thank god!" lots of people say it whether they are spiritual or not.
  9. wait... there are blacks in the UK?
  10. MSK, Mongoose Snake Killers.. chaos or rime, if you see this post, please be sure to incorporate mongooses into your next mural you do. as this would bring me much joy and satisfaction...
  11. msk is dope, unless they are outside of cali, then they are art fags who steal all the spots from detroits honest local vandals, those bastards! its an outrage. i've said it before and i'll say it again, the only way to deal with this scourge is to draw dicks on all the msk. big fat floppy dicks all over their beautiful pieces. maybe lush could help you out, he has a thing for that kinda stuff... but wait he's from australia though, so you would have to get rid of him aswell after he's done dismantling the out of towners with his armada of flesh weasels. and you cant just draw dicks on his pieces to make him go away, he and all other australians are immune to dicks. shit! its like when you have a pest problem so you bring in something to kill it, but now you have an even bigger pest problem.. its like mongooses. msk are mongooses, or lush. i can't remember where im going with this. anyways, those are your options. deal with msk for the next 5 years, or have to put up with dick letters. choose wisely detroit.
  12. ^ probably but it is what it is.. you can't expect fools to just pass on a spot because you hit next to it.
  13. i dont know these fools personally, but from just being in the yard today i saw alot of toy shit goin on and it was bein perpetrated by stoen and them. i don't really care if your new and your style isn't quite on point yet, thats not the issue.. but this fool is leavin cans all over the place and taggin on railroad property and signs and the like. shit like that blows up spots and makes it harder for the rest of us. you fools need to clean up after yourself man. you brought it in with a bag, i don't see whats so hard about bringing them back out when you are done.. or atleast chuckin them into the woods. the workers aren't dumb, they know what goes on there.. but the cleaner you keep the yard the less they are going to go after it. there are plenty of frieghts to hit, leave that other shit alone.
  14. street military- type of a nigga i am scarface- he dead yungstar- knockin pictures off your wall esg- ocean of funk project pat- life we live big moe- purple stuff zro- i found me
  15. k-rino/zro- the game goes on esg- swang and bang http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7fLILVIH2w big moe and various artists- pill poppa guerilla maab- fondren and main zro-mercy lucky luciano- jack yo 4's lil bing- die a G gotta be a G
  16. tell my what you see- zro ugk- daimonds and wood ugk- feds in town http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plgJ9UY7a7I 8ball and mjg- relax and take notes zro- zro chopped up by OG ron c. he killed the whole album, too bad i can only find the regular versions of most of these songs because they are all well done. most of these youtube cats be tryin to chop shit and it comes out like garbage.
  17. southside on choppaz- big moe id rather bang screw- big hawk big cease kyle lee southside groovin- various artists http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8hmxJ3eQss peepin in my window freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y9J7HAU1EQ 25 lighters freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMFIkaGy1hM like this and like that
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