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  1. WHY NOT USE A FUCKING TASER!?!?!? jesus fucking Christ its like its their first instinct to shoot anything and everything that moves and is black (lol) poor dog and all that shit.
  2. completely irrelevant, peep it though fuckcopsandstuffbroski!
  3. ^ what talk? LOLOLOLOL. threads dead. I should contribute buuuuuut, nah. I don't know why I don't prop you more damnit! thanks for keeping the thread moving and all that shit or whatever.
  4. Re: im watching this plumber go to FUCKING TOWN on my kitchen ceiling I had a similar problem back in the day.. it took our landlord about 2 months to send someone to fix the leak that started out as a small drip in our ceiling and ended up causing a hole that was about 5 feet in diameter from the ceiling collapsing under all the water. someone took a drip pan out or something like that and it caused all that damage. anyways the landlord was supposed to pay for it by deducting it from our rent. but when we paid the rent (minus the deduction) they evicted us for not paying in full and then moved in their daughter who doesn't work and spends all day poppin pills and smoking dust lol. fuckin slum lords, anyways hope you don't have the same problem.. as long as you're not in the hood or something you probably don't have to worry to much about dealing with those type of shitty people.
  5. thought about catchin a bus up that way just to peep it before it gets torn down... its a piece of graff history im not gonna experience as corny as that sounds and it makes me angry. destroying all that art for some whack ass condos that nobody will be able to afford except the super rich. fuck all that.
  6. 18 years, 18 years, and on her 18th birthday he found out it wasn't his!
  7. yo nover, what do you use for the shadows in the letters? do you just put more layers over it or are you using something else? not tryna steal all your secrets haha, but that shit is clean.
  8. ^ always some lot lizards round them parts.. 5 dorra sukisuki. these new rappers is a bunch of clowns.
  9. ^ they let that kid ride around in a toy car at school? sweet! oh wait...
  10. i just started to get into the sopranos series recently, he was a great actor, sucks he had to go so young... with his young son no less.
  11. on a related note, i went into the woods and accidently stepped on a baby deer yesterday, it was laying down in the grass and i didn't see it. i feel bad about it now, but mostly i feel bad that i didn't have my camera with me.. its not every day you see baby deers up close like that.
  12. whats up with this shit? so if i don't log in every 24hours it shuts off permenantly?
  13. no blackhawks swooping in to take you away to guantanamo? cia must be clippin, what if they were placing bombs instead of just bombing? I guess our government was too busy listening in on our phone calls to notcie lololol.
  14. classified said that, not me. but thanks..
  15. i write on things because i can't function in society.. fact. i feel you though. i have been solo most of my life, the only time i can get into a convo with someone is about graffiti, its the only thing im really passionate about. otherwise i don't care, and i have no clue how to feign interest. its hard for me to pretend that i give a fuck about what you did over the weekend, and i feel like saying hello to people at work is more of a chore than actually me wanting to greet them. part of me wants to be social and get along with people, but when i try to be social i just come off as awkward.. i cant make small talk to save my life.
  16. whats up with the japs and cephalopods?
  17. rip your dad inappropriate responder. and in response, and inappropriate send off song to your father..
  18. i haven't been on that site in forever, tagsareknown gave me a virus like 5 years ago. i think it was hep c..
  19. idk, on flickr i'll take a pic and it will get like 20 or 30 views, but then someon will steal it and put in on tumblr frontin like its his and get mad views and likes and shit. even if its not my painting i get jealous, im the one who had to put in all the footwork to find it, usually in some fucked up places, i don't mind if they take my pics but atleast give me my lil shoutout at the bottom or somethin. link me or somethin! but thats how shit is on the internet.
  20. LOL, thats all i reblog, im too lazy to post pics on tumblr and frankly i don't want people stealing my shit anyways. i just think big titties and ak's are nifty, so i reblog that shiiiet. the shoplifting shit on tumblr is what makes me hate it so much.. i swear i want to punch to death all these fags. NO ONE CARES THAT YOU STEAL SHIT. fuck. they rack a bunch of aeropostale shit and think they are changing the world or someshit. http://shoplifters-aesthetic.tumblr.com/
  21. flickr is still probably your best option, i haven't been to instagram yet so maybe that will be a bit more user friendly? tumblr is only really good for porn gifs and stealing other peoples shit to post on your page.
  22. i wanted a watermelon, then i saw that pic... still craving the watermelon...
  23. thats what im sayin, for some reason certain pics have the fave star covered up by these thumbnails of other pics in the photostream and its hella frustrating.
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