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  1. Hey I gotta friend in Paris right now. Any advice on what to do or see? An ything cool and not touristy. Thanks. Peanut
  2. applying for a job online the questions are like, how many days in a week? are there 80 days in a month? makes me wonder why im unemployed..wtf MERICA
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyHeO26QNlc demonz fuckin wanna kill it. 120 somethin days and i feel like i used yesterday. wtf demonz
  4. i. wanna. fuckin. drink. fuuuuuuuuuuuu
  5. Mass- i got d.p.ed in both ears, so shameful. peanut
  6. Dude hit me with the d.p. for asking him directions. Racial profiling mannnn.
  7. Dear transit cop, I hope you grew a new mustache hair for arresting me for being white and tattooed yesterday. I hope you felt like a big man in front of all thos people. Eat my fuck. Peanut
  8. dear 12oz wtf happened to you mannnn. you used to be cool. now your just like you boy bombing science. ghey. or maybe i dont come thru enough dear marc ecko, i hope you die from getting a paper cut while jerkin off to complex magazine you fuck dear 12oz, whos balls i gotta lick around her to become a mod? dear big bro, good luck in court on friday. i dunno what ima do without you if you go away. cant believe that shit came back to bite you in the ass 10 years later god daMN. and congrats on ur 4 years brotha.
  9. I'm like cunt, pussy, slut, lick twat, lick dick No, my vocabulary ain't improved one bit I'm the lowest of the lowest life-forms And I make it painfully obvious every time I write songs I'm hated, got liberals begging for the death penalty And conservatives wishing my mother aborted her pregnacy I wish my father just put his dick in my mother's mouth And instead of getting pregnant she choked on me and spit me out
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