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  1. The Kardashians with Steve Buscemeyes. Natalie Portman with Steve Buscemeyes. Tyra Banks smiling with her Buscemeyes. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen with Steve Buscemeyes. more here http://chickswithstevebuscemeyes.tumblr.com/
  2. No, but I've been on a real big boat
  3. wow, you are really too fucking stupid to come up with anything to diss homie up there? you obviously just posted in here because you are a sick fuck who gets pleasure out of people dissing him. what a worthless piece of fucking garbage you are.
  4. Re: Tsunami Slams Northern Japan After Massive 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast http://www.badassoftheweek.com/akaiwa.html this guy is bad ass for real.
  5. i ended up drinking the soda yesterday, here is an old ass mango juice.
  6. there is no food in there that i could really wrap tho... it all belongs to co workers lol. i got a soda in there, i could do that? hahaha
  7. i.... i.... i cant do it.... theres like, an old country roll in the fridge here i think! edit: no country roll :(
  8. keyboard wont fit in there i dont think, hmm ill try in a sec.
  9. if anyone wants i will shrinkwrap something and take a photo and post it. it has to be something that can be found in an office/computer store/computer service center. and it cant be bigger than 1 square foot.
  10. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks does anyone have the spaghetti replica saber la river piece?
  11. in my car i keep a pretty basic kit, it has jumper cables, an air compressor, foldable shovel, flares, duct tape, bungee cables, first aid kit, multi tool, wind up flashlight/cell phone charger/amfm radio, poncho, emergency blanket, tool for breaking windows and cutting seatbelts (keep that one under my seat) water, good running shoes and a jacket. oh.. and teh krinks of course.
  12. StoneBonerOner


    LIMBO! maybe been posted before or something, but i wanna check this out, visually this looks awesome. anyone got a download link or something? EDIT: on further investigation its only on xbox arcade.... shit.
  13. your memory of my past lessons is impressive.
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