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  1. just mounted my panel, pretty stoked on myself. on a scale of 1 to clean its clean.
  2. workin, slow fridays are the worst, day just keeps dragging on.
  3. i have always kinda thought Desalination was the answer, making seawater drinkable, A January 17, 2008, article in the Wall Street Journal states, "World-wide, 13,080 desalination plants produce more than 12 billion gallons of water a day, according to the International Desalination Association." 12 billion a day, 7 billion people on the planet...
  4. so ive started on a pretty serious build, datsun 720 modified to a nissan hustler. in memoy of my best friend who was working on this truck for years before he passed away, the truck was never finished but he had a clear vision of how he wanted it to be. i would love to finish the real truck for him but i cant, so i am going to do the next best thing, finishing this replica for his dad who asked if i could do it. im really taking my time on this but progress pics will come soon.
  5. its not hard at all getting up "early" if u just go to sleep at a resonable hour, also maybe think of investing in a portable heater? i hate wearing work clothes too, but it makes it that much better when you get out and change into your leisure suit. its all part of a pretty regular life, than again you just told the internet you want to die so maybe life isnt your thing.
  6. i negged it for a good post once. i assumed thats what it wants?
  7. " u gotta call them before you request the RMA, i know its out of warranty, its called an EXCEPTION" "so what you are saying is that i have to go into our vendors dreams and plant the idea that they want to RMA our product for us?" "no im saying you need to do more drugs" real convo between me and my boss
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    it looks like its coming out for real this time.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgakbdqQEk4
  10. in hindsight, im wearing a monocle on my asshole.
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  12. bet anyone they cant drink 30 shots of beer without barfing, its just not possible.
  13. Re: Audio Prodution/Beat Making figure it out brO. ull be Dre in no time.
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