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  1. StoneBonerOner


    fuck this thread is embarassing, not even sure what you are really asking here. advice on banging escorts? heres my advice: dont be a bitch, and if you arent confident enough to fuck an escort without consulting with a public internet forum first then you should stick to jacking off to your victorias secret catalogue.
  2. you claim best thing on internet, and then post something clearly 100times better in the same post.
  3. even toiletseats dog thread was better than this.
  4. so my ex asked to borrow $200 before we broke up.... forever a loan....
  5. my mom had a giant black cock on the table on thanksgiving. /nh
  6. so, SWIM works at a tattoo shop and they get this weird vietnamese guy in there all the time trying to sell weird shit, stuffed goats, goats horns, various skulls. and he brought in a human skull yesterday for sale. i never knew about the market for human skulls, it was missing the top row of teeth and he was asking $1500.
  7. StoneBonerOner


    yeah I almost got 100% completion, Skyrim is on a way different level though, and you dont HAVE to make food and all that shit, it helps though. It would be better if you could call your horse like in red dead, or sms it... "hay hors com to witerun I need u. dragnz evrywher lol"
  8. "fuck you" "you're an asshole" "eat shit!" "fuckin jerk"
  9. thats dope, i always laugh at these studio apartments with double high ceilings, you are living in 500 square feet of space you want to use every square inch.
  10. StoneBonerOner


    yo Mamerro, Skyrim is the dankest game ever made. get it.
  11. Re: i hate migraines Here. Take two of these. Ah, Nuprin. Little. Yellow. Different.
  12. ill just throw this out there, bichon frise's dont shed at all.
  13. 33,000 people LIVED there. its been gone for 18 years, yo.
  14. when you wish upon a star.... you are a few million light years too late, that star is dead. just like your dreams.
  15. man i hate it when im battling some other writer or whatever.... AND I RUN OUT OF INK AND HAVE TO SIT THERE AND WATCH THEM GO OVER ME.
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