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  1. CurtisWarren

    Bolivia and Peru Trip

    Got a three week trip to Peru and Bolivia over xmas and new year. Just wondering if anyone has any 'must see' advice or advice on places to avoid like a police traffic stop after 6 beers? Thanks in advance my 12oz friends.
  2. CurtisWarren


    Well that's the plan anyway mate. But as i'm only there three nights I wanted to get a head start.
  3. CurtisWarren


    No body?!
  4. CurtisWarren


    I've done a search for a Latvian thread and got nothing. I'm going there in May and need any info possible for walls/supplies etc. Please PM me. Thanks
  5. CurtisWarren

    Ever Been Chased?!?

    Re: Ever Been Chased?!? So a cop saw you putting cans in your a bag and then you think it's gonna be chill to go out '4 minutes' later? You deserved to get chased.
  6. CurtisWarren

    Graffiti Interviews You Reccomend

    Amazing podcasts.
  7. CurtisWarren


    Nice to see some Uk business in here.
  8. CurtisWarren

    High Standards?

    Go jump off a cliff.
  9. CurtisWarren

    The Back Pain Thread.

    I'm suffering from major back pain atm. Got lower back lumps, disc pain and upper back tightness. Been to an osteopath a few times who has charged me loads and sorted very little. Got a new mattress and doing lots of stretches/core exercises. However it is still very painful and the doctors I have seen are pretty useless.. Anyone else had serious back pain in the past or any tips on what can help?
  10. CurtisWarren

    High Standards?

    Just a quick question for everyone. When you paint are you always happy with what you have done? Even though my outlines, can control and general skills are always increasing I am so critical of my work it's unreal. I'm always looking at top writers pieces and won't be happy until i'm at that level.. Am I just taking this shit too serious or am I not the only one?
  11. CurtisWarren

    What runs in your city?

    In the city I live in stuff buffing is quite random. Sometimes a tag will last less than a day and in some places it will last years, same with any other sort of graff. Unless it's Banksy and then the council won't touch it with a barge pole.
  12. CurtisWarren

    strangest/craziest thing you seen while bombing...

    Wow..thats real crazy.
  13. CurtisWarren

    Best Videogamer Ever

  14. CurtisWarren

    -one word to desctibe your sex game-

  15. CurtisWarren

    What do you wanna do?

    Get a job that isn't shit and earn loads of money. Live in a country that doesnt have a camera every place I look. Paint as well as I can sketch.