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  1. lotta pussery going on in here...
  2. The Victim does not look down at the signal. Instead, the Victim stares the Offensive Player in the eye and says, "I'm not going to look at that." (or words to that effect.)
  3. this! he hands him a stack of stuff and Nas is getting all stoked and then hes all, yeah u cant keep those.... also he shouldnt have mentioned ETHER. that beef was all over at that point.
  4. lily my girl bought, just bloomed this morning. my blueberry tree :)
  5. i work in computer retail, we would call that a 2 prong power adapter cable, and i have prolly 30 in a box right here, remember that with ALL cables the markup is insane, its where all our margin is, we pay 80 cents for a 6 foot HDMI and sell it for 10.99 and still come across looking like the heroes cause we are still beating best buy by 2 dollars. pretty much if someone comes in and says its too much and is about to leave we have to mark it down to get the sale, within reason.
  6. place looks tip top Drue. out at the folks house this last weekend they take their movies seriously home theater what yall kno about D-BOX MOTION SEATING TECHNOLOGY
  7. this year i am growing strawberries, tomatoes, a bunch of different peppers, my blueberry tree of course and spices - basil, parsley, rosemary, mint and chives. all on my apartment deck. now i kinda wish i had room for more...
  8. YES FOR THE SECOND TIME IT IS NOT THREADWORTHY. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=138621
  9. i dont even think MountainDew or any soda thats not Dr.Pepper is threadworthy let alone a spinoff flavor or whatever the fuck this is.
  10. this coming from the guy who "dances with cancer" ^ haha edit: @cancerdancer
  11. Picking this up tonight to try and tide me over somewhat waiting for Skyrim to come out. The Infernal City is the first ever tie-in novel to the long-standing Elder Scrolls series of fantasy computer role-playing games. The setting is very much a traditional Western fantasy, with its pseudo-European medieval magical realm populated with various familiar fantasy races. On the other hand, it is built on a mythology, history, and lexicon which is entirely its own. The result is that a reader not familiar with the games, especially the fourth iteration, Oblivion, will be hopelessly lost. Make no mistake, this book is meant for fans and only they will get anything out of reading this book.
  12. havent had a drop of booze since september 2010 i was never a big drinker but when i did drink i was straight binge drinking, days straight till i would almost black out, maybe a couple times a month, last time i fought my good homie in my apartment, did a bunch of scribers on storefronts on my block and other assorted stupid incriminating shit that i would have never done sober. aaaaaaand this -
  13. The Atari ST line welcomed its first portable member in the form of 1989's Stacy. At a time when the Macintosh Portable sold for $6500 to $7300, the $1995 Stacy seemed like a bargain. For that price you could buy a Stacy with 2MB RAM, a 20MB hard disk, and an 8MHz 68000 CPU. Unfortunately, the Stacy wasn't too forgiving on the C cells that powered it: Fresh batteries would last only about 15 minutes in the machine, making it far less portable than most users would like. could you imagine putting 6 brand new C cell batteries in your laptop and it lasting for 15 minutes! damn times have changed.
  14. the frenchman! whats poppin with your new hustle playboy?
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