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  1. drunkards more like it. i did the math myself, came up with 2.102 an some change. pabst told me that equals 1 in 5.... he's an idiot.. and so am i for listening/posting
  2. 14.6 million Americans smoke pot on a regular basis. 307,006,550 is the approx. US population. = 1 out of 5 americans smoke trees on the reg.
  3. this thread was real real funny.. thank you 12oz for the lulz..
  4. -pabst. -photo editing. -help'n girlface with her online math quiz. -bout to do a beer/cig run.... all the way down 4 flights of stairs for th cigs and 2 doors down for the beer..
  5. left: ipod and charging cord. right: measuring cup i'm using as a glass cuz i dont feel like doing my dishes.
  6. life's short, stunt it...
  7. -pabst. -rollies, cuz i'm tryna save money. -wait'n for homie to come over. -goen out on a dive bar tour on a tuesday.
  8. -drink'n pabst tall boys. -smoke'n. -bout to head out to the spot to show support for the homie yinz n'at in a live painting art battle...
  9. starting this photo/window art project i've been think'n bout.
  10. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** *sigh* i've failed on the last two lists.. i'll try to actually do this one and not be such a lazy sac-o-shit..
  11. -sketching. -lifted. -pabsts. -girl's sleep'n. -interweb'n. -bout to go get cigs across the street.
  12. didn't know dude or ever correspond with him here, but my heart goes out to his family..
  13. -jus wake'n up. yes it's 4pm. -drinking orange strawberry banna juice. gonna generally be a bum today.
  14. always inspired when i check this thread.. props all around...
  15. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** good pics as always up in meah.. i'ma be another day or so befor posting..
  16. thanks.. a couple old/new writers an mural artists for the MLK foundation. PM for names i guess.. i don't wanna blow up their spot doing legal shat.
  17. slayer free HERT - http://freehert.org/ stopped by this to see some homies paid mural project razor coil wire is serious biznass. x-ing more walking arahn i want this bike. grabbed some greenery n retired for the night desert dah END
  18. un eventful day from last week.. woke up to these fuckers meowing their faces off took a grimey bath cause my shower head stopped working. look'n nice outside at 9am. coffeeee grab the book. bus ride messed around at the office measured a condo but only took boring reference pics so i can draw it later. then decided it was this time. stillerz nice as hell out. we got schools that look like prisons and prisons that look like schools shit on shit MORE
  19. -pabst. -herbs. -sighing a sigh of relief i didn't wreck the boat earlier today. -relaxe'n let'n chica pick the movie we bout to watch.. -hope'n she doesn't pick something too lame..
  20. -drank'n brews -interweb'n. -uploading more pics..
  21. at the edge of that wall it's maybe 2 feet deep.. where i was anchored (approx. 15 - 25 feet from wall) the depth meter was reading about 9 feet. i'm all about jumping off high shit into some water, call me a pussy, but i really don't feel like this this was the place for all that.. you wanna jump? i'll take some pics of you in the air, hit'n the water, then yer lifeless body floating... word?.. hahahaa... i know it's all jokes.. but fer reals.. jump'n off that crane = death fer sure..
  22. was on the mon river n caught the homies JIM JARROD an CARl.. oh, n those other guys..
  23. short day cuz i got lazy from a few weeks ago. woke up to breakfast chica had gone out n bought. cig meds drive'n thru shitty construction zone thats been the same all summer. destination unsnapped picked a spot to post up n do some swim'n. i like good scenery. jim jarrod an carl all day.. oh, an those other guys. swam, drank n chilled. that was the end of that.
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