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  1. That little kid on the skateboard is fucking ill. I finished a roll today, I hope to process it by the end of the week. First I gotta make a make-shift blackout bag. -fuse.
  2. Pandora: Music Genome Project -fuse.
  3. Rage, the SUV reminds me of Jurrasic park. Those were simpler days. Also, the flag guy looks kind of violent for some reason. JJC, The pool cues would make for a delicious desktop background. The color is really crisp. Ballbags, the dumpster is awesome. Something I would never have thought of. -fuse.
  4. On the subject of photographing people. I've never done it before. You may say, WHAT? Surely you've taken pictures of people before. The answer is, only while drinking. And not in an artistic fashion. So I ask you fellow photo people, any pointers? Sites that I can grab a few quick tips from? Thoughts, concerns, ideas? Amusing anecdotes? -fuse.
  5. I bought developing supplies today. Fuck film labs. Oh, and some of the Ilford LP4 today. Someone recommended the HP5, but I already have a ton of ISO 400 film. Also, the lady at the camera shop said something about setting the ISO on my camera to a slightly lower setting than that of my film so that my light meter recommends that I expose longer/at a lower aperature setting. Valid? I'm always open to suggestions. -fuse.
  6. I just watched the sweetest thing. By myself.
  7. I won't even try to defend myself. But I will say that those two were from the same post. I guess that makes me a Homosexual Entonces black belt. -fuse.
  8. I see someone was busy changing thread titles today. -fuse.
  9. Yeah the composition wasn't really being thought about at the time. I usually don't put everything smack in the middle of the frame. Because yeah, it does make things boring. Off center adds movement and all that good stuff. But, not to call you out, just to ask for suggestions so perhaps I can look at things from a different perspective/get new ideas, what would you have done? Angles, framing the shot, everything, anything. There's always room for improvement. -fuse.
  10. Yes that's much to my dissatisfaction too. Kodak TMAX 400 is what that roll was. Any suggestions on what to do? Perhaps I'm referencing the wrong thing as a gray card. -fuse.
  11. Here's another. I still don't know what to think of it though. -fuse.
  12. Any recommendations on my work though? I'd like to know what to do to make it better. My next roll I will be personally developing, it costs too much to get it done at a lab. And I have the know-how for b&w. The compliments are still nice though. -fuse.
  13. In no particular order, here are some photos that I finally developed. First contribution. -fuse. The mailbox doesn't seem to be showing up when I look at it, so here is the full size.
  14. Interesting. I made this to use as a background. I know it's really dark, but I like my backgrounds mostly black. So i guess what I'm saying is similar idea, but i think yours was done better.
  15. Don't pay attention to this, Mamerro got to it before me. There's a whole thread like this in Untitled. It might be slightly different though. And I say this not trying to be an asshole saying "HEY WE ALREADY HAVE A THREAD ABOUT THIS SHIT" I bring it up because you might appreciate it. -fuse.
  16. Asshole. I scrolled through that while at work. -fuse.
  17. nozaki, more posting is always encouraged. We don't really insult each other here. Unless your pictures come out looking like a motivational poster. Then there is a little bit of clowning. But for the most part it's constructive criticism. I definitely like your colors on that picture. merk, that's a pretty bitchin' plant. Organic shapes are always awesome. And holy shit CACash, that is on fire. I'm still waiting on my B&W's. I swear to god I am going to start developing shit on my own. -fuse.
  18. I always thought they were penlights. You could always use a single LED and one of those hearing aid batteries. Cheap, light, bright. -fuse.
  19. I took approximately one grip of pictures today, but found out that the only way for me to get my b&w film developed is to either do it myself (which seems more and more like a good idea) or wait for a week while the film studio sends it off to get developed off site. Something about no one shoots b&w anymore. So in a week I might actually have something worth posting in here. In the meantime though, I'll panic about how my film is doing. -fuse.
  20. Look for these in your neighborhood? They seem like a neat idea. -fuse.
  21. Here's a quick tutorial on how to do it in photoshop. -fuse.
  22. Hey Pffffffffft, are you using a filter at all or an effect on the camera, or what? I really dig the colors, and I'm curious if there's a trick to it. -fuse.
  23. If you are really set on making it look perfect you should get a perspective correction lens. They are used for architectural photography. I have no idea how to use them. I just read your problem and remembered reading about a lens that corrects that a long time ago. -fuse.
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