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  1. I know it's been asked before, but what are you shooting most of these with Philth? -fuse.
  2. ^^so she would have you think. As I said earlier, I don't trust any of them not to be fat. -fuse.
  3. Who'd have thought that getting a job would actually make me more active on 12oz? -fuse.
  4. or not.... :naughty: :shook: :shook: :shook: -fuse.
  5. Maybe she's giving it away to the brave person that does sleep with her. -fuse.
  6. How about none of the above. I don't trust them not to be fat. -fuse.
  7. It's fun to post really vague missed connections. Where:Independent Coffee Shop. Me: Sideswept bangs bleached, black hair, black plastic frame squared off glasses. You: The same. -fuse.
  8. HAHA, this girl I know likes to post things on craiglist. Such as funding for an abortion. Or need for a roommate. She says that the replies are infinitely amusing. -fuse.
  9. That's sweet. It's like every dream I've ever had about a Final Fantasy airship come true. -fuse.
  10. The man. -fuse. *edit, fucked up pic because I was posting shit on my friend's page all morning.
  11. polarizers cuts down on reflections. Quoted post [/b] The only downside is that they cut down on available light as well. Scientifically speaking, they cut your light intensity in half. But they do make certain colors pop a lot more too, which is a nice. I find that greens and blues are the most effected. They are the most expensive type of filter I've seen. But even at that, mine was only $20. Play around with it. I swear, I'm getting some stuff posted in here some day. -fuse.
  12. http://www.parkeharrison.com/main.html Stole this from another thread. Thought it belonged here. -fuse.
  13. fuse=--action


    I will admit, the do look more than a little euro. -fuse.
  14. Dude, it's a mac. And as I said, it's not mine, so I can't look at it. I don't even know if it produces a code. But I do know that it doesn't just turn itself off. There is a message, and it won't let you do anything but restart it via the power button. -fuse.
  15. That's true. I thought of that as I posted that one. Hopefully if I offer to fix it, she'll get me some food or something. -fuse.
  16. Won't that void her warranty though? -fuse.
  17. add more info on that what is it doing? yes they can tell if its dropped open it up and press in the hardware it prolly came loose thats it Quoted post [/b] It often tells her that it needs to restart. And you can't really move it because it will do the same thing. Sliding it across a surface is alright though. So I gues it's as long as you don't lift it or move it quickly. -fuse. All theoretically of course.
  18. One of my friends may or may not have dropped her laptop and now it's acting up. Her warranty doesn't cover dropping. Supposing she did drop her laptop, she would have to lie to get it fixed under warranty. Would the manufacturer be able to tell that the laptop had been dropped? Any suggestions on how she should say it was damaged? -fuse.
  19. fuse=--action


    I want these. -fuse.
  20. How can you tell whether or not he zoomed. I'm very interested becuase I guess I don't pay enough attention to detail to notice. Or I lack experience. Anywho, I agree with the one about the house and the sky. Up the contrast, and it would be nicer. Sillouhette [sic?] effect. When I get paid, I'll have some b&w's developed. Hopefully. -fuse.
  21. Is that the guy from Babe? -fuse.
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