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  1. Someone tried to tell me that girls can't tell the difference, and that the ones that say they don't like condoms are hoes. It's funny, because I've never met a girl that doesn't hate condoms. -fuse.
  2. These all look fucking delicious. A couple questions though: How do you select good/ripe ones? Rambutan looks kinda like lychee, does it taste anything like it? Thanks for making me hungry. -fuse.
  3. Do you AU folks have St. Patty's day? Because I know there are a fuck-ton of Irish in Sydney at least. -fuse.
  4. Oh man, did you see Slither? That movie was awesome. Also, I liked Bubba Ho-tep, mostly because it had Bruce Campbell in it. -fuse.
  5. My friend says it probably won't be good, but I'm still looking forward to it. Only now I'm a little more cautious. Also, I don't think I want to see Transformers anymore. Michael Bay is directing, and if you look at the cast, there are way more people than tranformers in the movie. It looks like it's going to be a people love story with some transformers and mildly impressive explosions thrown in. If this is the case, I'll cry, but not about the love that some stupid fucking couple has for each other, more likely it'll be about how the title was wasted on a piece of shit movie. Also, I'm a little bummed about TMNT as I was hoping that it would be darker since the original comic artist was on the team. Then I saw that it's rated PG or something. -fuse. p.s. Anything good, other than 300, coming out soon?
  6. Re: UFC 68 I saw it. Went a wings place with a little lady and a bunch of friends. Not really into UFC, but even I had a ton of fun. Couture came out of retirement for it and beat the hell out of Silvia. There was one finght I didn't like where the dudes spent the majority of their time on the ground making out. Not what I came to see. -fuse.
  7. I stopped using the phrase "That's gay" in favor of stronger language a while ago. Oh, unless I'm actually talking about something that is really gay. Like if someone orders an appletini. Now I'll just say something like "Shut the fuck up." For some reason I always thought that one was more offensive. I guess I'll have to switch back. -fuse.
  8. Re: I Hate Boots Haha, I used to have to do this. Dudes would wear Air Force Ones or Tims and I'd have to tell them that they weren't allowed in. Usually they would try to tell me how much they paid for their shoes. -fuse.
  9. He got home late last night and was in sore shape, but that was mostly because he was still heavily anaesthetized. My mom and I had to help him walk back to his bedroom because he couldn't stand on his own very reliably. Kinda weird for me since I've never had to take care of either of my parents. Today he's much better. Pops is understandably in a bit of pain, but he's moving around on his own. Tthe doctors told him that he had to keep his face down at pretty much all times, which renders him pretty useless. He's the kind of guy that's always gotta be doing something, so it's probably best that he's sleeping a bunch. We have to put three different types of drops in his eye at different intervals. Shit requires a spreadsheet. And he had his follow up this morning, and according to the pros, everything's looking pretty good. Yeah, I saw these out on the table today and immediately called dibs for when all is said and done. -fuse. p.s. He has this metal eyepatch that's taped on, so he looks like some sort of techno-pirate.
  10. It's called "visual dust". It occurs when rods and cones detach from the inside of your eye. It's harmless and completely normal, but the bits can take years to disolve. You're talking about the black dots that you can occaisonally see when you are staring at a bright surface or whatnot, right? -fuse.
  11. All of those things, I hate. Also, on the text messaging tip, I use proper english when texting. Mostly because I hate the shorthand so much. There is an exception of course: if I have a message that is too long by a few characters and is going to get split into two messages, then I'll go back through it and look at getting rid of a couple letters. -fuse.
  12. My mom just called and told me that my dad just got out of surgery. The doctors said that it went well except that there was a lot of bleeding, so it will look pretty bad. Also he has to spend the next week and a half face down. This means that the next week and a half is going to be miserable because, if I know my father, he will probably be pretty frustrated at a lot of times. But then again, he'll also be on drugs, so it might not be that bad. Good to hear that the procedure went well though. -fuse.
  13. I just got home and asked my mother what's the deal with the surgery, and she said that my father is still waiting to be operated on. He got there first thing in the morning, but I guess there is a line? It's a three hour operation, four if there's complications. Three hours seems like a long time, but putting it next to my cousin's 6 hours of surgery that he had to have done on his neck, it doesn't seem so bad. Apparently, from what my dad told me about it last night, it takes 3 hours because there are a number of steps that require a certain amount of time in between each step. Usually it's associated with a blow to the head. But as WhoAmI stated, any number of things can cause it. Also, the eye thing freaks my dad out too, and it caused him a lot of worry about the whole thing. The upside to this is that the doctors said that if he had come in a week later he probably would have been permanently blind in that eye, so it's good that they caught it in time. -fuse. Thanks for the support guys. Hearing that 85% is still good in medical terms is comforting.
  14. I'll update later when I/he get(s) home. -fuse.
  15. Any of y'all ever have one of these? My pops does right now and he has to go into surgery today. I'm a little nervous about the whole thing. The operation has an 85% success rate. The alternative is completely losing sight in that eye though. Afterwards he won't be able to fly for 2 month's time (or else the bubble they put into his eye would explode (pretty metal)) which means that he won't be able to do his job the best of his ability. That kinda sucks, but mostly I'm worried about the operation. In medical terms, is 85% a good success rate or what? I'm aware that there are plenty of operations that have lower rates of success, but where does this fall on the risk scale? -fuse.
  16. I love the caveman's reaction to the "Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the rock." Love it. -fuse.
  17. Yeah, that's Milly Thompson on the left and Vash the Stampede on the right. He's wearing a black jacket and has gray hair because he's lazy with his cosplay. Yes, I used to be an anime nerd. But not nerdy enough to ever go to an anicon. -fuse. p.s. Occaisionally some of those girls are hot. Also [/nohomo]
  18. That wasn't that sick really. Wierd, but not sick. -fuse. Plus, it's probably like fucking after winning a race. I bet a lot of fools do that.
  19. I'd do it. Show the 8 an awesome time, and half ass it on the other three. If you're good, the 8 will come back for more. -fuse.
  20. Up until recently, every chick that I had sex with had been older than me. -fuse.
  21. Re: MSPAINT MAST0R Do you know how they accomplish that effect? -fuse.
  22. Re: MSPAINT MAST0R no no, I realize. I just really wanted somewhere to post those little guys. -fuse.
  23. Because I probably drank an entire keg of it to myself during my month stay in Sydney. The ashes were on, so me and boonie became good friends. Also had: Toohey's New (& Supercold (it's a pom's worst nightmare)) Carlton Draught Blue Tongue James Boag Turbo Shandys and much much more. Month-long story short, I like your beer much more than stupid American beer. -fuse.
  24. I really like the thread title. I mean I really like it. -fuse.
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