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  1. Re: if you lost your penis to cancer, would you lose the will to live? I only read the first two responses, and Some1's post made me think of the best Chapelle quote ever: "I beat my dick like it owes me money." -fuse.
  2. White Russians are fucking awesome. But not as a primary means to achieving a drunken state. I prefer them as a desert sort of drink, or if I only feel like having one drink. Or with breakfast. -fuse.
  3. Re: starbury's It's only $15. Just get some and try 'em out. -fuse.
  4. But don't you pour the jello mixture in while it's still hot? If so, you'll just have to pour it in either super fast, or slowly like a layered shot. Also be careful about thermal expansion (if you have to pour the jello solution while it's hot). If there is an extreme heat difference, the mug might crack. -fuse.
  5. Re: Five-second rule for dropped food? Try 30...and other news. death and soda flavor Cucumber soda? They could be on to something. -fuse.
  6. Desk jobs do blow. Fortunately the only one that I had was at a genetics research lab where I got to make my own hours. Also, during the second half of the summer, I began spending more time in the lab playing with cancer cell cultures than at my desk makin' copies. So I guess that desk job kinda rocked. -fuse.
  7. This dude that lives next door to one of my close associates is fucking nuts. He has in the past: Yelled at us from his porch for being awake and inside of my friend's house, thus waking the rest of the neighborhood. Started an exceptionally loud jam session in his garage at 6:30 AM that lasted until 4:00 PM. Told the cops that my friend's roommate is a heroin addict. Started a property dispute and threatened to knock down the fence and rebuild it along the correct boundry. His threats were based on a survey that we are pretty sure that he never actually had done. Ride through the neighborhood with his music blaring at ungodly hours. Beside all that, he's just a creepy middle-aged dude from North Carolina. -fuse.
  8. Re: waking up with heart burn sucks It's ok, I woke up once with a stomach ache so bad that it made my nuts hurt. It was like getting kicked in the balls in reverse. -fuse.
  9. 17 in an empty cul de sac where houses were being built with my first girlfriend (I was a nerd). I wasn't even in during a good portion of it. I didn't know any better. -fuse.
  10. No one in here has a 4+ digit post count. That's odd. -fuse.
  11. I had a few buddies in high school that liked to play that bloody homosexual sac tap game. I got hit a few times, but one dude in particular liked to do it. In my head, I gave him three strikes to do this without recourse. After the third time I punched him really hard in the nuts. Put my weight into it and everything. After that we called a truce. I never got sac tapped again. -fuse.
  12. I guess this is the appropriate place to put this.... A few weeks ago, I saw what I could only describe as a black gay goth raver. This dude had all the usually raver attire (big pants, gloves, some sort of fishnet somewhere, goggles used as a headband) but it was all black. Is there some sort of sub-cuture (or nonculture) that I'm not aware of here? -fuse.
  13. Each time I get the hiccups, I worry it'll be a world record breaking case. -fuse.
  14. And who the fuck are you? You should probably wait until you actually have e-rep before you complain about some shit. -fuse.
  15. Re: why do you guys constantly refer to women as 'bitches' even when complimenting th I must admit, I love using this one because I know it bothers you ladies. -fuse.
  16. Re: why do you guys constantly refer to women as 'bitches' even when complimenting th Haha, I must admit that I use twat as a term of endearment. She does it too. It makes it ok. -fuse.
  17. I gotta add something to this. Strap down all that shit that you put in the back of your trucks. I've seen lots of shit on the freeways. The worst I ever saw was a fucking wheelbarrow, but even smaller stuff like plywood can fuck some shit up. So please, for the love of whatever you do or do not believe in, please strap that shit down. -fuse.
  18. Re: why do you guys constantly refer to women as 'bitches' even when complimenting th Calling women bitches is totally hip hop. I switch back and forth between several different terms. Broad, chick, girl, bitch. Sometimes cunt or twat, but those are reserved mostly for actual anger and frustration. Mostly I stick with chick and girl. -fuse.
  19. I knew that 24 was no good before it even aired. -fuse.
  20. Haha, who the fuck thinks up these things? There is no way that that's ever even been almost done. -fuse.
  21. Haha, worst job I ever had was working at Express. That shit didn't even last long enough for me to get a paycheck. Those motherfuckers are strict. They had me working on a quota system that had no incentives. How the fuck are you going to tell me to make numbers and not pay me on commission? The only reason they gave me to make said numbers was that I wouldn't get scheduled for as many hours if I didn't. What the fuck kind of incentive is that? People need shifts picked up all the time, I don't need to be scheduled if I really want to work. And besides, at that age, getting scheduled less hours seemed like a reward anyways. Anywho, rest of that story is that I didn't sell any credit cards because I hate pressuring people into getting some bullshit that I know I would hate. There was a mandatory meeting that they had every Saturday at like 8 in the morning for people like me. I didn't show. I got fired, but I think I quit before I technically got fired. -fuse.
  22. Pussy is easy to come by sometimes and incredibly hard to get at other times. I find that when I've got one girl interested in me, there are about six others that want me at the same time. At other times, there are zero. As for your lack of game, it will come naturally with confidence and self esteem. For me, it took a really hot girl to get there (I dated one really hot chick, and it shot my self esteem through the roof). And somehow my game made leaps and bounds. But, you're sixteen right now. Pussy isn't what you should be worrying about. You should raise hell. Make your mistakes now, because it's a lot better to do while you're in high school. I made mine when I went off to college. I ruined my gpa, dropped out for a semester, and had a hell of a time getting back in. I do not recommend this course of action. Besides school there are also the legal ramifications. As a kid (no offense), you won't get in much trouble. You can pull so much extreme shit that would wouldn't get away with if you were older. Just the other day I had someone sitting in my bar telling stories about his youth. How he and some friends were out joy-riding way fucked up, got in a high speed chase with 10 cop cars, and after they got caught, this dude threw up in the cop car and still got away without any action being taken against him. The driver was fucked, because he had trouble with the law already, but everyone else got off the hook. I mean fuck, if a group of adults pulled that shit, everyone in the car would be in jail automatically. Get away with crazy shit while you can. Also, whoever said that you would feel like you're in love with the first girl you fuck isn't lieing. Don't trust that feeling it'll only break your heart later, because I promise you won't stay with the first girl you bang. -fuse.
  23. Just get some linen pants or something. It's like wearing pajamas to work. -fuse.
  24. I've said it before, and I'll say it a again: AyeBee's B is pretty hot. But I do agree, a lot of you fuckers seem like you'd smash anything. -fuse.
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