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  1. I think I'm gonna go make some right now. -fuse.
  2. We don't have any that I would consider to be in my hood. But my buddy and I brew our own beer, Soon we'll be kegging instead of bottling (we've run out of bottles) and it will be like our own private pub. A pub with free internet, dogs, cats, tv we control, and comfortable couches. Oh, and a kitchen that stays open all night. -fuse.
  3. This happened to me recently. Except it was more like he gave me the change twice. -fuse.
  4. Also, I had a buddy that had one of those old StarTac phones for the longest time back in high school. His parents told him that he could get a new phone when that one broke, so he would do things like toss it out of a moving vehicle to try to kill it. I don't think that it ever did break. It was the Highlander of phones. -fuse.
  5. I've broken a few phones. I punched one because the 5 button didn't work and it pissed me off. I threw one because it hadn't gotten signal in over a week. The last one I had just sort of deterriorated over time. Pieces just fell off. -fuse.
  6. Vespas can be expensive too. Why not just get a motorcycle? You'll get more pussy that way. Unless you're going for man ass, then I guess the vespa is the way to go. -fuse.
  7. Surprised no one posted this yet. -fuse.
  8. Outside beer.... You should get a bitter. Unfortunately, I don't know the names of many of those. So I recommend a Boddingtons. -fuse.
  9. For the most part, people are uncaring bastards. Myself included. -fuse.
  10. I used to have this girlfriend that was loud as hell when we would fuck. Sometimes she screamed so loud it made my ears hurt. That being said, we were going at it pretty late one night/early one morning, and I'm hittin' from behind and she looks back and freaks out on me. Turns out someone was at the window watching. I don't know because I never saw him/her, but I'm pretty sure that it was the neighbor making sure that no one was getting murdered from the way she screams. Long story short, she ran outside with a knife. I laughed. -fuse. Besides, she's a stripper now, so what the fuck should it have mattered to her?
  11. I liked cricket when I got to watch it because I could just go to sleep and not have to worry about missing anything; they'll replay it about six times with the crowd going ape-shit (which wakes me up) if something "exciting" happens. Perfect sport to take a nap to. So much in fact, that while I was in Australia, "Let's go watch some cricket" became code for "Let's both go pass out on the floor at home." -fuse.
  12. Weird, that's not what Spaten Optimator looks like. Optimator is a dopplebock, which means that it's about as black as a stout. But I will give you props on the Optimator, it's delicious. -fuse.
  13. You don't go out of your way to be an asshole to people who want to send cards to a little kid with cancer so that he can break the world record for birthday cards received. I do. -fuse.
  14. This is the most entertaining thread I've seen in a while. I can just imagine a bunch of people getting piss on their faces and in their hair. It's like solo water sports. Haha. -fuse.
  15. I had some sort of Adidas deodorant that said it provided 48 hour protection. I never really put it to the test. -fuse.
  16. Waffles taste so much better than that moment you wake up in the morning and realize that you did something horrible. -fuse.
  17. I didn't frame my diploma. Mostly because I didn't get excited. I always planned on graduating high school. It's no big deal. Kind of how I didn't expect my parents to do anything extravagant like buy me a Lamborghini. -fuse. Also, you should feel like it's useless because it is. Completely and utterly useless. You're not a doctor now, in fact, you're barely even any better off with it.
  18. This thread needs pictures. Pictures of both the slutty 18 year old and the pure 17 year old. -fuse.
  19. Sometimes losing your numbers can be fun. Happened to me, and every now and then I'll get a text from some number I no longer have about how much the person on the other end wants me. Really gives you a shot of confidence on a crappy day. -fuse.
  20. Also, I'll hit it while she's bleeding. I mean it's only blood, and it's only my dick, I can wash it off. Plus, most chicks dig period sex. -fuse.
  21. This shit makes me tweak hard. The recommended serving is half of one 8 oz can. I had a redbull and then about 1/4 of one of these and my heart felt like it was going to explode. -fuse.
  22. I've left a three hour class half-way through because I didn't have my phone and I NEEDED to know if I had dropped it somewhere outside of my car. This partially because I can't stand not having my phone and partially because I just got a bomb-ass phone and knew I wouldn't be able to afford to replace it if I lost it. -fuse.
  23. That little girl looks like a little retard. Also, that film is way unrealistic. If any man ever walks into a room and says "What are you ladies talking about?" and the ladies respond. "Periods," there's no way he'd stick around. Seriously, test it sometime. Guys will almost always walk away from a real discussion about bleeding from your cooch. -fuse.
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