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  1. I always thought James Earl Jones looked like a frog.
  2. I made some pasta with the vegetarian meatballs last night just to try it. Shit tastes GROSS.
  3. Im pretty sure snakes with legs are pretty much lizards.
  4. Youre saying fuck me when your first sentence is something I said in what I wrote above? No, fuck you.
  5. flea markets, gunshows, truck stops, maybe walmart. native american shops.
  6. I see a couple of kids who are seconds from getting the ass whipping of their lifetime.
  7. could be because similac was a new thing in those days. like it was the new jumpoff for feeding the babies. who knows.
  8. Whites who hate blacks have an attitude. Most blacks have an attitude towards whites. This is never going to end, the two are just too different. But in regards to the blacks, it IS the attitude keeping them down. Its the playing the victim and the low self esteem. I like things from both cultures, dont get me wrong. Ive got a lot of black friends. It all comes down to who can do what they are supposed to do and act right. In that regard, if you can do those things, no matter what color you are, I will embrace you. Im no racist, but on either side, no matter what race you are, you are racist to some degree. That will never change.
  9. I just copped this jumpoff. Niggas just dont know, Imma rock niggas this summer. OOOHHHH SSSHIIITTTT......I already have a set of nunchucks.
  10. Do YOU know one? Speckled negros>not speckled negros.
  11. when those little guys get caught up in the glue traps they make all kinds of racket. def wake me up out of my sleep. i just caught another one and seriously thought some shit fell off of a shelf.
  12. Gross. If he/she didnt get artificially inseminated, then who fucked this things mangina to get it pregnant?
  13. I got that you were mad because shorty didnt tell you about it.
  14. Hell yea, I love keeping the windows open when it rains.
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