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  1. bump that old jeloe. some old petaluma skatepark footage in this section:
  2. awesome. a flying unicorn dolphin with elephantitis.
  3. Ghost in the Shell and Heavy Metal on vhs for 2 bucks has been one of my favorite scores thus far. also managed to snag original pressings of Wasted Youth and T.S.O.L records for a dollar a piece.
  4. creepy chan, peeing in butts (with funnels), wet t-shirt/ass contests (fuck yeah catface), rabbit dildos
  5. THIS. and i'm going to have to jump on the Big L wagon here.
  6. bump those last flicks. interesting to see how time and spots change.
  7. a crooked ass awesome face and green day lyrics. good fucking god.
  8. thank you, sir. that was the joke. ;)
  9. propagandhi- i'd rather be flag burning 10" split with i-spy, where quality is job #1, letter of resignation anal cunt - morbid florist on blue. uzi suicide- s/t, born against - s/t man is the bastard - a call for consciousness split with born against. allman brothers - eat a peach. if you can find a copy of this album, don't sleep on it. double lp. sides 2 and 4 equal 30+ minutes of live action called "mountain jam." i'll find a better picture my camera is shit and i have a hand as steady as michael j. fox. don't mind the lizard comforter . you'd understand if you smelled my other one.
  10. anal cunt - you went to see dishwalla and everclear (you're gay)
  11. hell yeah. one of my personal favs. i think i'll put the record on.
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