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    R. Crum approved for sure.
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    Hi kids. Been back lurkin. Nice to see that there is a bit of community still here. Gonna do an American road trip possibly in July, so may make a thread for recommendations and see if anyone wants to grab some beers along the way.
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    Funny how they have the ladder as a prop. A tripod would be more appropriate.
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    Juggalettes (?) are a good one. Real dilemma there, have to balance the right kind of dirty against the wrong kind of dirty. Second girl in 1st 2 pix appears to be a hard smash. That last pic, I don't think I want to weigh in there, looks like Chris Hansen might be hovering nearby.
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    This was such a great obscure interview. Remember being really into it years ago when I stumbled on it
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    One of my all time favs, welcome to the NYC subway system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4linbuenh8
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    lol, harsh! Some pepper and CS gas leaves a dusty residue (guys I served with would get the powder and put it in ashtrays in bars and watch the place empty as it started to spread). Spray that around the exact area they sit and they'll stir it up. Only prob is that it will also impact others in the area as well. Have you got mates that would be prepared to walk past once a week and mace them until they fucked off?
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    Pounding nails into the tree has the potential to kill the tree. You want to keep it healthy as the leaves add some insulation to their racket. Same with gear oil, etc Don't fuck with it like that. That tree did nothing to you. There are plenty of fish baits that could be smeared, that are in fact not dog shit. Earlier in the year, warmer months, I would have encouraged putting fruit or sugar water to attract wasps and whatnot, it might be too late for that. Just make a gallon of simple syrup or grab a bottle of corn syrup and smear that.
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    Not too far yet... 😄
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