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    just propped booniesbomber BruceLeroy xen
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    who else watches SportsCenter daily? da-da-da-da-da-da
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    hahaha i would but they're on opposite sides of town... plus i dont have the lung capacity to be runnin like that...
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    wheres all the OG heavyhitters?
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  6. 2 points
    yeah but if it was 300lbs of rape then i think i would return to sender.....
  7. 2 points
    got lord casek plezo1son keeping secrets xjonathonx and a fifth of gin. 24'd
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    "They are like a squished version of Jabba the Hutt" http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080410/ap_on_sc/indonesia_lungless_frog BANGKOK, Thailand - A frog has been found in a remote part of Indonesia that has no lungs and breathes through its skin, a discovery that researchers said Thursday could provide insight into what drives evolution in certain species. The aquatic frog Barbourula kalimantanensis was found in a remote part of Indonesia's Kalimantan province on Borneo island during an expedition in August 2007, said David Bickford, an evolutionary biologist at the National University of Singapore. Bickford was part of the trip and co-authored a paper on the find that appeared in this week's edition of the peer-reviewed journal Current Biology. Bickford said the species is the first frog known to science without lungs and joins a short list of amphibians with this unusual trait, including a few species of salamanders and a wormlike creature known as a caecilian. "These are about the most ancient and bizarre frogs you can get on the planet," Bickford said of the brown amphibian with bulging eyes and a tendency to flatten itself as it glides across the water. "They are like a squished version of Jabba the Hutt," he said, referring to the character from Star Wars. "They are flat and have eyes that float above the water. They have skin flaps coming off their arms and legs." Bickford's Indonesian colleague, Djoko Iskandar, first came across the frog 30 years ago and has been searching for it ever since. He didn't know the frog was lungless until they cut eight of the specimens open in the lab. Graeme Gillespie, director of conservation and science at Zoos Victoria in Australia, called the frog "evolutionarily unique." He said the eight specimens examined in the lab showed the lunglessness was consistent with the species and not "a freak of nature." Gillespie was not a member of the expedition or the research team. Bickford surmised that the frog had evolved to adapt to its difficult surroundings, in which it has to navigate cold, rapidly moving streams that are rich in oxygen. "It's an extreme adaptation that was probably brought about by these fast-moving streams," Bickford said, adding that it probably needed to reduce its buoyancy in order to keep from being swept down the mountainous rivers. He said the frog could help scientists understand the environmental factors that contribute to "extreme evolutionary change" since its closest relative in the Philippines and other frogs have lungs. Bickford and Gillespie said the frog's discovery adds urgency to the need to protect its river habitat, which in recent years has become polluted due to widespread illegal logging and gold mining. Once-pristine waters are now brown and clogged with silt, they said. "The gold mining is completely illegal and small scale. But when there are thousands of them on the river, it really has a huge impact," Bickford said. "Pretty soon the frogs will run out of the river." don't really see resemblance to Jabba the hutt
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    Psyche. I Just wanted to add to the recent threads involving 2 headed babies, walking snakes and lungless frogs. so uh....How you guys been?
  13. 1 point
    http://graffitiresearchlab.com/?page_id=85#video Graffiti writer, artist, and friend of the G.R.L. AVONE has recently been incarcerated on charges of vandalism. We haven’t used this site as platform to raise money in the past but if we can gather $2,000 $4,000* bail ASAP then we can keep our friend from having to spend the next 3 weeks in jail. If found guilty he faces a sentence of at least 9 months. If you live in New York City and keep your eyes open when you walk around then you have seen AV’s work. I have been shooting photographs of his tags for 3 years and was lucky enough to collaborate with him on Graffiti Analysis and the Drip Sessions (video, video, photos). If you have enjoyed any of these projects and are able to make a donation towards his bail and legal fees please do so by clicking the button below. People willing to make donations of $150 or more can choose from any of the remaining ink on paper tags used in the creation of the Drip Sessions. Click here to view archive (dimensions are roughly 5′ x 2.5′). If you live in NYC and would like to make a donation in person and get a tour of the lab please contact us at freeavone(at)ni9e.com Thank you. We have already raised about 1/2 of the the bail money, please keep them coming. Big thanks to: Bennett 4 Senate, Ed V., Ben Reyes, Lee C., Ben E, Mark F, Florian H, Eyebeam, Amanda M.C. …. *UPDATE After raising close to $2,000 and spending an afternoon in the detention center downtown I have come to find out that the city thinks the bail is set at $4,000 (not $2,000). His council from Legal Aid (who has been wonderful) is looking into to the discrepancy, but until then we will keep trying to raise the full amount here. **UPDATE Thanks to everyone that donated, bail has been raised and we are awaiting trial first week of May. ^^^^wtf? bail has been raised?????^^^^^^^^^
  14. 1 point
    what's that? you're a fan of archaeology?
  15. 1 point
    Down with the syndrome.
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    Got Destroying Streets, Bruce Leroy, Ghost Of Graffiti Past, XJohnothanx and Shit$treak.
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  19. 1 point
    get some strange pussy
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    http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i1/nearockuleas/bench2/103_0450.jpg[/img last one enjoy or comence your hatin ass ways
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  23. 1 point
    jogg like your on some bruce jenner type shit. oh and prop me please.
  24. 1 point
    hold on, was his wife the one that cut off his penis during this "dispute?" and now hes gonna have his new penis removed because that bitch "cant handle it?" fuck that.
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    Re: Great Pictures~ Click on all sizes > right click,properties, copy location > paste here Dope pic by the way Let's get this page back to what the threads all about
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  27. 1 point
    i need some bud yo
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  29. 1 point
    Fuck, I can't stop drinking iced red tea. In Chinese that would be: 冰红茶 In Pinyin that would be: bing hong cha. It's sensational with vodka and looks like this:
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  31. 1 point
    wtf, i got "props" but im still at 206............booooooooo.
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    many members may disagree on which candidate they prefer. but i think hands down all of 12oz can agree that you're a fucking faggot.
  33. 1 point
    what up, minneapolis flicked this EACH2 on a fright in Cleveland last week.
  34. 1 point
    allaboard!!!!!! im with you casek.
  35. 1 point
    oh shit nice looking weed
  36. 1 point
  37. 1 point
    "what's good, i'm Stuart Scott." he's still around.
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