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  1. Kobar- I like it, looks good L(v or u)ng - keep it simple, Baze- bottom bar of the E is a bit off/too thick and long,. rest is nice
  2. and another quick one.
  3. whut: I like the sia part, the A looks a bit off.
  4. quick random thing I did today:
  5. Also found this, think it's from january.
  6. Yeah been a long time, hoping I can post more often! That looks sick! Kinda reminds me of a guy who was posting here in 2008 I think? Can't remember his name though
  7. Very very quick throw-up ish thing
  8. Aristo, the left M's a bit off, try to fix that!
  9. any crits? sorry for posting not so much stuff, really busy lately.
  10. Been busy, very busy, but I'm back! Very dope Alts! here's a quick one in class
  11. Decy, that canvas looks really hot!
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