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  1. I expected more from this album :mad:
  2. Re: Great Pictures~ Probably cause before television, there wasn't such a big influence on people as far as what a "beautiful" woman is supposed to look like. 9 out of 10 woman from that time period look broke as fuck to us, but back then some of them were probably considered dime pieces
  3. Re: Great Pictures~ Blizzard of 1908, NYC 1922 Beach patrol officer at Tidal Basin, Washington measuring to make sure that womans swim suits are no more that the legal limit of six inches above the knee 1923 "Leather head" football 1924 Abstracting a bad tooth from a baby elephant 1924 Washington D.C. dog catchers at work 1929 Laying the cornerstone of the Washington D.C. Internal Revenue building 1938 Wild night on the town 1944 B-26 bombing of a rail bridge in central Italy Bonus 1925 Smash or trash?
  4. Really nice stuff on this page. Rage, those 4x5s... damn
  5. Interesting take on No Country For Old Men. Netflix just delivered these two gems. If you haven't seen em you probably should
  6. Kegs of beer with foot pumps. And disposable frying pans. Who the fuck wants to clean after fryin up some bacon and eggs?
  7. Re: Great Pictures~ Click on all sizes > right click,properties, copy location > paste here Dope pic by the way Let's get this page back to what the threads all about
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