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  1. BB, i hope you enjoy that overpaid bum Fielder. So glad he is gone!! Tigers close to signing Shin-So Choo
  2. Baltimore at Denver Sunday, September 8 New England at Buffalo Cincy at Chicago Miami at Cleveland Atlanta at New Orleans Tampa Bay at NY Jets Tennessee at Pittsburgh Minnesota at Detroit Oakland at Indy Seattle at Carolina Kansas City at Jacksonville Arizona at St Louis Green Bay at San Francisco NY Giants at Dallas Mon, September 9 Philly at Washington Houston at San Diego
  3. damn, dawg! you got the full Detroit experience..
  4. waiting for my pizza to be delivered at work..
  5. towels around necks on hot days.
  6. black and white H&M tank black basketball shorts black socks black vans
  7. Why do you come in this thread thinking you have knowledge of the Detroit scene? you obviously dont know shit. kick rocks.
  8. ^ must be nice. i have not had a day off of work in nearly 2 weeks! working as i type..
  9. at work, waiting for my pizza to be delivered.
  10. Tough loss, but the future is looking bright for the Wings. Eastern conference is going to be interesting, but i'm stoked! my predictions Kings over Hawks in 6 Pens over Bruins in 6
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