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  1. cool bro wanna name off more heads you've met and list a full evaluation of what you feel about their work? :rolleyes:
  2. Bump Turdl Front page interview! congrats man, portland once again killing it.
  3. Australian Lush is the balls, Bump both lushs
  4. bibbity bump that orge & edgar fire escape, too good
  5. That vast is MEAN. in the best way possible.
  6. Seriously. So much cool shit going on up in portland. Also as for that esko, is is NOT, i repeat NOT on a church, to deface a church you must apply paint to said church. Now if you were to some how prove to me that they hold their sunday mass in that shed then id retract my previous statement. kids :rolleyes:
  7. bump those jasp scribbles over some dope aires shit lmao also bump all of fahkin detroit khed
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