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  1. Szr you are still retarded. Seen some B454 tags in San Antonio. Big up sike and the other pics. CENOCAINE IN YA BRAIN.
  2. Dallas and Austin....... Both threads continue to amuse me. Not digging those n's on Noel's stuff. Bump that Sumo. Bump them oldies up there. Bump Regan! Beaches hand!
  3. RIP MINUS. BUMP GOES. no bump to bathroom tags and self promo wheat pasting... That shit is corny. REAKS YOU ARE IGNORANT. Learn to type, how the fuck you gonna be about money when I bet you have trouble reading the bills? I'm sure you are flunking or have flunked English in high school, and certainly not trying to better yourself.... Just trying to read your shit makes my head hurt, And I haven't even seen your graffiti...
  4. Bump that grows/vmx joint! Pm lets paint!
  5. Goes is azn w dreadlocks? Grows is from sanantone? That livestrong piece is weird... Livestrong clown chicks and lowriderz.. Yeah fuck cancer?! Hump them pics up ther, gomerhabitsphiks rule. Goes bump.
  6. RIP MINUS WON. you always had a Good attitude bout everything. I'm glad to have had the honor of doing a show with you, thanks for all you did. Best wishes to IC and your family&friends.. LIVE.
  7. Big shouts to my homie IMISSU! HUS!!! Spotted in the MUL thread.
  8. RISE ABOVE!!! Bump WON!!! BUMP THAT CDC. Props banana!
  9. That's a empty comment^(more than hollows?!?) Vacnt crushes. More than most of you know. CENO SEAR VACNT
  10. Bump this page! SLERP AND JUSE!!!!!
  11. Bump VMX. bump that kids tat. Bump the kits joint w the skull. BEEEEEEFFFFFFOOOOOORRRRREEEE!!!! holla at me dude.
  12. Before! Holla at me. Bump them grows and such. Noel goes musto. Hooray for tunnelz.
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