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  1. Cold Hands zine will be here on the 23rd, hmu if you want one. I have interviews with Ravek (MSP), Neo (NYC), Savs (NYC), Tezer (Dallas), and Reply (Fargo). There is graffiti in it mostly from Fargo-Moorhead, and a little bit of the Twin Cities and Dallas-Fort Worth.
  2. I see that dude Kuato all over ND too! He has hit some sick spots
  3. I will be making a zine soon featuring Minneapolis, Fargo, and Dallas in the first issue with more cities coming up in the next issues. There will be interviews with Ravek/Brios(MSP), Reply (Fargo), Tezer (Dallas), Neo (NYC), and Savs (NYC). I'm almost to the halfway point. I will be making a poll soon to see how many to print. If anyone has any questions, advice, or whatever just hmu! I'm excited to release the first issue and I believe they will get better as they progress. Hope yall pick one up! Peace.
  4. Sick, I have a few flicks from when I pass through there. I started a North Dakota thread awhile back that unsurprisingly didn’t take off haha. If any of y’all want to hit that up with flicks you may have from that area as well, that would be dope. Dope to see 12oz still being used Here is some Minneapolis stuff that is in ND, which I have more of, unless this is only stuff in the area and not also TC writers in other places.
  5. Go to Walmart and get a Dremel drill bit. Get the one that says it can carve glass and metal. i hollowed out a pen and super glued it in there and its incognito. You can buy a scribe pen from a hardware store or from classic adaptors or Jaber online. They are carbide tips and arent quite as powerful as a dremel bit though.
  6. szr

    Spray Paint

    Where did you find this? When I lived in Germany I used to use their markets. Never knew they made paint!
  7. Anyone ever used this stuff and know if it's any good? I saw some at an old office supply liquidation place and I'm thinking about buying it.
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