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This might just be the most hilarious shit I've ever seen on the internet.


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Yo Drew Down, this is from Yahoo News.

I know how much you hate Yahoo News, so just go ahead and click out of this thread now before your Umad blood vessel in your brain bursts.

Or just go ahead and watch it and get Umad.

Or maybe you'll even agree with me that this is fucking hilarious.

Not a fuck is really given either way.



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Sorry, but Walid's post does win.

MacAskill is a supreme athlete. the segement at 2:14 of the yoga ball to train track, then the track to track 180 hop. fucking phenomenal.


After further review, I remember these dudes coming through Love Park back in the day.

They road mountain bikes at that time though.

They called what they were doing "trials".

No idea what the fuck they were trying out for.

They were corny ass dudes though rocking helmets and everything while jumping around on ledges on their mountain bikes.

We were at war with the BMX guys at that time because they were destroying out skate spots with their pegs.

Rumbles actually went down.

These "trials" dudes got a pass though not just because they didn't have pegs and therefore weren't hurting anything, but also because they were fucking goobers who you'd almost feel like an asshole for flexing on.

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That was seriously the lamest shit ive seen in a long time.


But I mean after all, frogs are really dinosaurs and shrimp are descendents lobsters. so the title is misleading.


DAO would find a video of a dinosaur playing cop to two lobsters hilarious, fucking jawns like this don't impress me cause im too busy banging high school freshmen.

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