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There's a subgenre of electronic music I only recently became aware of, though it's been around since about 2006ish, and it's called skweee... It's origins are in Sweden & Finland, though people are now doing their own takes on it throughout the rest of Scandinavia, Europe, and the U.S. Might be described as a funky electro/hip-hop hybrid, typically without vocals. Kind of hard to pin down in words, and can vary pretty greatly stylistically. As a fan of modern tunes feeling bored with most hip-hop, techno, and the over-rated dubstep, skweee kind of feeds on my love of 80s electrofunk a la midnight starr, etc, but with a super contemporary feel.


I'm diggin it to say the least. Here's some good introductory selections:



Daniel Savio, supposed founder









Melkeveien vs Nino remixed by Slugabed








Randy Barracuda




Boss Kite




lack of skweee on youtube really, had to do lots of blog searching/downloading to get into it.

enjoy, should it appeal to you

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That sounds good. Scandinavians typically get it right when it comes to music (Abba being the huge exception).


Are you familiar with chiptunes? I have something like 30,000 of those...there's a lot of filler but the funk is there if you're willing to dig for it.

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hmmm no shai, haven't heard of chiptunes but i'll be give some of it a listen later.... this skweee stuff is similar as far as there being a bit of filler, but the funky shit can hit quite hard (without ever seeming to take itself too seriously, which i like about it).


That track by the french Fulgeance that I posted up there is sounding awesome to me, been a couple weeks... At least after the 30 seconds of weirdness.

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