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************************ hella sikk tattz thread?

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believe it or not i won this tattoo back before covid happened.. won a contest on instagram just by reposting a picture and during service one day got tagged in a post and boom.. small world because h

Some Canadian tat slangers to get this thread going again   Chris Hold     Aaron Garand     Benny Hannya     Franz Stefanik

Aaaaaaaand more   Logan Morrison     Tim Pausinger     Spencer Evans     Nick Oaks     Kurt Von Getz

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This is what remains. I don't know if you were around when the original thread disappeared. A huge loss for this whole forum, and the straw that broke the camel's back for a lot of the og users.


Help make this thread great again!

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Sonju Rattler gave me a tattoo this year. Only thing I've been involved with for a while. Saw the "no spiritual release" sign behind the gate at Temple, while I was hanging out, after getting two tattoos from Jason. Freddy drew the tattoo that I got from Sonju, and when I was sitting on the bench in Tattoo 13, Sonju just said that he would do it, so I assumed the worst, and I went upstairs. Since the tattoo was a collab between Freddy Jason, who tattooed the first part last year, and Jason and Freddy did the other parts for free, I didn't expect that Sonju was going to ask me to pay 60 dollars for it. So, I paid him 25, and walked out.


It's a Thai enlightenment tattoo, and it's a heavy burden to take on, responsibly, because Freddy has the same and similar marks. I haven't been given a gift like this for a while, or, rather, ever. It gave me a whole lot more than I asked for, and now my path is moving way towards somewhere not in the Bay Area. Heard Higgs is up in Northern CA, so I might track him down to see a show. Jef is there, too.

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