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Beef Jerky

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I just went and picked up a couple pounds or flank steak that's in the freezer, a box fan, some air filters,

and all the marinade ingredients. This is my first time making beef jerky, and was wondering if any of

the other ch.0 folks were in on the jerky game. If so, any tips for flavor/drying times. Also just a spot

to show off home batches, basically just an appreciation of all things jerky.



Flicks to follow once I get a little further into the process.

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Oh fuuuuuuu...


Beef jerky & Deer jerky.


This the marinade that I fucks with lately-


soy sauce




sesame oil

crushed red pepper

white pepper


It's kind of an azn spin on things, but it's really good. Let the meat marinate overnight at room temp.

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yeah progression flicks will start once i pull the slab out of the freezer.


Also yeah Tav, that's pretty similar to the marinade i was thinking, but substituting ginger and sesame

oil, with hot sauce and worcestershire sauce. Also, liquid hickory smoke.

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I've heard that the problem with the dehydrators is that they circulate heated air, and that even though

it's at a low temperature (145-165f), it's still cooking the meat partially and not just drying it. Changing

the texture and flavor of the jerky.

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Trick to a dehydrator is to periodically add a pan of water into it if you can or at least some small receptacle to steam and moisten the strips.


I know thats a duh to most but it works keeps shit less gnarled barkley


Then again I like this shit chewy and not brittle. I've had some fairly exotic jerkyeez

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i'll eat jerky but typically just beef. i've had all other kinds like buffalo, elk, kangaroo, alligator, venicen, but it all tastes the same regardless of what kind of meat it is. and it's basically a good way to waste a decent meat like venicen and making it taste exactly like some shitty beef.

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ok so here's the flicks up till now;


the whole cut of flank steak i started out with



trimmed off as much fat as i could get to and sliced into strips while still frozen enough to cut cleanly



some of the fat i got off



ready to get up in the marinade



made from these products, and honey, forgot to get it in the picture



marinate in the bag for 4 hours



pat dry to get rid of excess marinade



get out furnace/ac air filter (preferably not of the fiberglass persuasion)



load up the jerky strips





2 lbs needed about 1 and a half filter "rack space" plus a third filter to cover them with



stack the racks on the box fan and bungee down, right the fan and turn it on, wait 12 hours.





pics of the finished product in t-11.5hrs.

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i buy jerky on the regular, if it was easier to make id probably make my own.


i have had ostrich jerky, snake, buffalo and alligator...


alligator jerky sounds pretty rad, also deer venecin just cause it has no fat on it. That's by far the biggest

pain in the ass, trimming the fat off the meat.

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