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  1. stevefrench

    dear messicans,

    Litteraly saw the same shit happen a couple days ago Dumb white girl and her boyfriend : "You should serve us in spanish" Burrito roller : "uhh.. I dont speak spanish" Wanted to kick some teeth in.
  2. stevefrench

    That's what you get for talking to the police ya dumb bitch.

    no need to you just did. :lol: Unagi Roll FTW.
  3. stevefrench

    pornbooth made the switch to mac and needs some help

    where is the alt key on my mac? trying to figure out how to crtl+alt+delete also, do they have a fleshlight attachment for the macbook yet?
  4. stevefrench

    Incest High School

    .....uhhh.. what
  5. stevefrench

    Smoking some tumbleweed

    boogie weeds.
  6. stevefrench

    Pictures of people in a haunted house.

    so awesome... my face hurts from laughing 24'd
  7. stevefrench

    ----->Late 80's / Early 90's Hiphop - The Lesser Heard<-----

  8. stevefrench

    Vaping: My new passion

    ive heard it can work... saw some instructions but can't find them now. getting thc to dissolve in glycerin can take a while... about 2 months just look up a homemade juice recipe and use about 1/2 gram of oil for every teaspoon(5ml) of glycerin if you would like to try it.
  9. stevefrench

    Breaking Bad

    i seem to remember the cops talking about finding a folder relating to a large meth lab or something, pretty sure they wont just throw it away. but now the cops know there is blue meth coming from somewhere and they have the recipe for it, matter of time before something happens. i think the cops might take gus down while walt slips away somehow.... don't see them popping the main character
  10. stevefrench

    I Am A Spoiled Fuck Up, by Bloodfart

    im mad about not being able to read about bloodfart being an attention whore
  11. stevefrench

    RIP amy winehouse

  12. stevefrench

    Police killed my friend

    dude is totally innocent... probably stopped to tie his shoe lace and then noticed there was people running after him. this is such an obvious cover up.... bet the cops baited him into shoplifting.