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Beef Jerky

ink face

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ok so here's the flicks up till now;


the whole cut of flank steak i started out with



trimmed off as much fat as i could get to and sliced into strips while still frozen enough to cut cleanly



some of the fat i got off



ready to get up in the marinade



made from these products, and honey, forgot to get it in the picture



marinate in the bag for 4 hours



pat dry to get rid of excess marinade



get out furnace/ac air filter (preferably not of the fiberglass persuasion)



load up the jerky strips





2 lbs needed about 1 and a half filter "rack space" plus a third filter to cover them with



stack the racks on the box fan and bungee down, right the fan and turn it on, wait 12 hours.





pics of the finished product in t-11.5hrs.


bump to the new page

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Top Posters In This Topic

They're so close to being done, I was hoping for noon, but it may be a couple hours longer. just tried a

piece, and it's still too tender for the chewy consistency I like. Flicks when it's all said and done, which

could be an hour, could be 4.


oh, and some of the food on that blog looks fucking good

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damn, I fucking Love jerky......but I dont think I could eat something I took out of an air filter my dogdog


yeah it seemed a little weird to me too, but dude, shit is tasty. And cheap.:cool:


Also, my buddy went antelope hunting at the beginning of the year and still has some antelope steaks in the freezer,

homemade Antelope jerky next...

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I dont even really eat this stuff. But still... best thread ever. Edit, just saw the update. Great man. How long does it keep for? Also can you just dry whatever you want like that? Like make your own dried mango slices etc?

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if stored properly, it'll keep for a long time-few months at least. Not sure about the fruits, i think you may run into the

problem with them starting to rot before they dehydrate, which i would assume is why actual dehydrators

circulate heated air.

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