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Dog Fish Head Appreciation Thread (hooray beer)

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Yeah, it rhymed. I didn't try. I sorta wish it hadn't turned out that way.




Now, I may be drunk on this:




and high on this




but I saw this



mmmm! toasty!


and then this





i bet that shit is GOOD!


dog [sic] head malt liquor?? damn


you can get that?




it made me prop both of them, and then I decided to

make this thread.


I love this brewery. It is by far my favorite. Their range

and quality of beers is fuckin awesome.


My personal favorite:




What an amazing beer. Goddamn. I love you.




next we have something more decadent:



A new one I have tried recently. I thought the purple label

was just expressive of their generally good taste in everything.

No, the beer actually has somewhat of a grape taste. It is

amazing. Having this beer with a Dutch Masters Grape:

Perfect. Now go Find some of that grape weed and make it a

trifecta of ballin.



And now, in no particular order, the rest of their brews:



Raion De Etre



60 Minute IPA (Indian Pale Ale)



120 Minute IPA (while this one is amazing I can never reconcile the price.



This one is alright. The apricot taste mixes well with the hops but

underwhelming for the price.



Immortal Ale. Weird beer, but pretty good.

A lot like more Trappist offerings.




Indian Brown Ale (I like this one a lot as just a regular beer)



I just tried this seasonal release. It is definitely a heavy winter beer. The

Chicory Stout is very good. Or at least I liked it a lot.



These are all the dogfish heads I have tried.


There are many more, but I will leave it at this.


Has anyone tried any of the other odd brews they make?


it took longer than I thought it would to make this thread.

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Fuck you're making me want to drink again...


Dogfish Head is an awesome brewery, i was always a huge fan of the Immort Ale.



Have you ever tried a bear called The Beast?


its 15% alochol, costs 10$ for one 12oz bottle.... shit fucks u up

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the IPAs are real good and even though its way pricey Aprihop is pretty tasty in my opinion. i think it comes out in march if i'm not mistaken

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avery is from my hometown--i never paid 10 bucks for that bottle--love that stuff. i loved that they put the "grand cru" on it, always made me laugh. their brewery is on the same block as my climbing gym--i'd go climb for a few hours and stop by afterwards... good people.


dogfishhead is awesome


i'm coming up on 3 weeks sober... it sucks. 3 more until i drink. i don't know that i'll make it.

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you will.



that you have already hit half the time you must is nothing compared to how nice it will be to get fucked up without restriction.



Fuck a threeweeks.




Just start making a wish list.

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I can not get into the winter harpoon beer.



too much seasoning.



Actually I don't much like harpoon at all.

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i've never seen harpoon.. whats the story on it?


i don't think i'll make the full 6 weeks because i really, really want to self medicate... its been a rough couple weeks and, well you guys know, booze makes everything better...

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avery brewing company


I think I paid $7 a bottle for it, flew across country with them praying that none of them would break. Tasty brew, but I liked the Odells Cutthroat Porter that I brought home better.


Avery was an impressive brewery trip. Tiny place, great beer AND they have amazing distribution. I can get most of their beers on the east coast and they run their operation out of a place not much bigger than my apartment.



DFH malt liquor, not worth the 7-9 bucks they charge for it. Yes, its cool it comes with its own printed brown bag, but I could go get a Naughty Ice for $2 that tastes just about the same.

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Oh, and DFH 120 IPA, I had that when it first came out, when it was still being bottled in the wine sized bottle. Im surprised Im still alive to tell the story...

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