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I'm about to go out and buy some shoes, and I need some recommendations. I'm looking for something I can wear with shorts, but all my shoes are either skater shoes or formal type shoes, and I need something casual, and a little bit different. I'm thinking like some Adidas or KSwiss or some shit... anyone got any recommendations? I don't want basketball shoes or any of that shit either... Thanks in advance.

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im about to go through the same thing.. im thinking of getting some low cut skate shoes, maybe circas or dvs.. but i was also thinking k swiss or some more reebok classics (not the iversons, those are wack)

for shorts, id say get something low, white.. or white and blue.. get something with shape.. good luck on the hunt

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Guest imported_Tesseract
Originally posted by MurderSluts


i wouldnt wear them cuz they arent feminine enough for me but i could see a cool guy rockin these...


a dude like me would rock'em...props for having style in a thread that is condemned to get flooded by retro bullshit and thugspaceboots

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just out of curiosity, do any of you rock TIMS or TIM KNOCK OFFS?




i wear some TIM KNOCK OFF's for work... (walmart steez workboots)


but i mention this because, i dont know what it is about them, but when i wear them i feel like i could kick a mudhole in just about anyways ass.


no wonder so many black folks rock them... they make you feel G'd up.



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Originally posted by Jackson



I still got my old etnies from the last thread...




that shit was funny, dont know why, but the whole fact that you mentioned you had the same ones from the last thread bit... and we're on... and... yeah.


good stuff.

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Guest imported_El Mamerro
Originally posted by Tesseract

drop some laces up there and we're all set to go


Haha, I actually wanted the laced ones (remember we once talked about them on another shoe thread? well, you'd convinced me), but the slip-ons were on sale though. Fuckers were hard to find at reasonable prices.

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