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Everything posted by doomfarmer

  1. i was out there this week. saw some stuff up.
  2. i remember watching the video of him playing guitar all strung out. it was sad, but he is a genius.
  3. boners shit is dope. it will be good to see him crush some shit.
  4. i just put that assuck back on my ipod. i forgot how awesome that cd is.
  5. i was up in wb yesterday. ill be back there on sunday. posifest kids are gross.
  6. this looks pretty gay. a rally sponsored by two over-priced skate shops. let's see some sub zero support Quoted post [/b] i bought a deck there today. its a rally for skateboarding not for the shops, check out the website.
  7. i just put this on my ipod. they are playing their last show at posifest in july.
  8. 1. ducky boys-three chords and the truth 2. rise against-siren song of the counter culture 3. social distortion-sex, love, and rock and roll 4. turmoil-the process of 5. horror show-our design
  9. me too. good band. Quoted post [/b] saw them last nite. really nice people.
  10. motherfucker i want to go to this. i should make plans for a trip. skarhead reunion, motherfucker.
  11. blood for blood-wasted youth crew
  12. 4 your saftey, stay home, u wont make it here... :gaga: Quoted post [/b] motherfucker please.
  13. even though im moving to philly, im strictly a steelers fan. i hope we play in the superbowl, so when i move i have bragging rights.
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