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  1. Europe, check your "e-mail" on here. I'm flyin in on thursday. Holler...
  2. here, i took this picture of Kazama doin his thing...
  3. Online drift comp?....GAY i just sold my old silvia a few weeks ago. I kept most of the parts, but here was the line up... Nismo exhaust Cusco shako-cho's Uras body kit Tomei 272 cams Tomei 600cc injectors S15 fuel pump Technomotors ECU (Okinawa) Nismo adj. fuel pressure regulator Trust FMIC And a bunch o' other shit.
  4. last year we did that stupid ass secret santa shit and i got a cd case and a bottle of baby oil.
  7. if this is who i think it is, he's been listening to way too much ill bill...
  8. do you think there's murder a foul?
  9. "fuck a dumb slut"- have sexual intercourse with a female rollin through ya hood and i'm throwin up mah set. cup purple drank and mah car candy wet. i got special, effects, surroundin mah neck. the piece fross-bittin watch covered in baguhettes.
  10. Key, you are the most Xtr3m3st man ever! Raddest shit ever!
  11. "he's good people" i hate that shit. "yeah man he's good people...they're good people" it's caught on like wild fire...i keep it trill slaning mah bag of furl ya unna stann whodey?
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