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  1. you're right it would but i was joking. but when you're done beefing with whoever that toy ass nigga is, we can do it to.
  2. damn i hope skyl is ok, that must suck having to paint with two broken arms.
  3. if anybody catches feelings over some dude saying you got "loving well to do parents" theyre a nut. i forgot theres something wrong with having both rents in the crib watching out for you.
  4. oh and even though boner strokes his own ego he has been getting around.
  5. dog could you oink any louder please? i dont think they hard you
  6. daz coming correct with them flics good looking
  7. these werent all together photo props to my man.
  8. nonsense times a thousand, 99% those tags that are faded wicketts from the 80s are from ducky spots, even boner knows what its like, obviously dude is bombing and to be 100% honest ive seen one toss from him in philly.. come on here talking about straight letter bullshit, the hometown of motherfucking PRE .. you kids dont know shit.
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