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  1. If you're really that worried about it just tape the button so the door doesn't beep and write a note w/ some lame-ass excuse as to why you left. Leave this note on the counter every night until you get caught and you'll be gravy.
  2. I had a buddy who was addicted to adderal and Everquest. Kid would take like 60-100mg/day and just bug out playing Everquest. If you typed /played on his account he had 275 days of play. Thats 6600 hours of his life wasted doing speed and living in a fantasy world.
  3. Great site...just make sure you don't keep the FLAC files - convert em to MP3 and delete that shit. They take up almost a gig per cd. Great compression for all the audiophiles out there. Pretty much any hippy jam band has every one of thier shows posted on that site. If you've never heard Keller Williams I'd suggest checking out some of his stuff. He's a one-man band, running around stage setting up loops on different instruments that are a linked to a main board in front of him w/ a bunch of pedals. Guy plays acoustic and sings while bringing all the loops in and out using the pedals. Its pretty interesting, if nothing else. He's still a fat, smelly hippy though.
  4. For being a PG movie aimed at little kids it was pretty good. I kinda went into it expecting LoTR after reading the reviews and was dissapointed, but overall a worthwhile flick. I think I still like the old one better, but I haven't seen it since I was like 5.
  5. Kiloh balls hard - Arcanist Regalia bitches
  6. <!--QuoteBegin-CACashRefund@Dec 7 2005, 10:02 AM http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/index.php...=leroy++jenkins been posted before Quoted post Sorry, I searched Jenkins and that thread didn't come up. Anyone else play WoW though? I'm on Garona, how bout you?
  7. Leeroy Jenkins Started off as a funny video running around the World of Warcraft community but ended up turning Leeroy into an overnight celebrity. Shit's even already on Jeopardy
  8. Just show up on the first day of classes you want to take and ask the instructor to get you in. As long as the class isn't packed they'll usually be ok with it.
  9. Textile companies to determine thread counts in high end fabric?
  10. Found this while scrolling through that site Feel free to add your own caption
  11. I quit playing for money two years ago, but I'd be up for fake money games. Capita/recovering holdem addict
  12. I think its half past third spoke, but I can't really see the hands...whatever, at least my watch be spinnin
  13. I almost shit myself when the "ne 1 got rez?" part came up. Speaking of video game nerds, they also mentioned Leeroy Jenkins at one point in the video. Anyone who's ever played an MMO or wanted to know what real nerds are like should watch this.
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