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  1. lens, you are not on a lonely boat.. i and 49387430483 other 12oz'ers are single on v days.. blows, but save ur cash.. get drunk, word
  2. tease. i can relate to that.. right now life fucking blows. im working every weekend, i just got arrested for shoplifting me and my girl just broke up nothings going well.. im going to go hit the gym that always makes me feel better give it a try tease. peace
  3. me and my girl just broke up.. on our 2 month anni.. :( its pretty wack, ill buy myself some caronas instead of gifts this year
  4. he was fucking ill in richie rich.. the second one sucked nuts though.. could it be that he wasent in it.. or the shitty script, who knows!
  5. friday: classes work till 9 watch some tv sleep saturday: buy some jeans, maybe a shirt or 2 pick up paychecks get a "messy look but still sexy" haircut chill with the boys, get drunk head over to a party with them mack some bitches stumble home sunday: wake and bake with my friends chill head home work
  6. i say if the outfit suits them, rock them with pride!! at least ur not some trendy whore...
  7. film baby... what happened to film!
  8. your a chump man.. goto the little sunglass hut in the mall and get some aviators, they'll be 20$ maxx
  9. fuck all y'all, niggas gots ta get paid
  10. out of all u fools, moogle had the most intelligent post.. i know you guys probably think im stupid and im a pirate and distroying the movie industry blah blah...
  11. i think im going to get started in bootlegging dvds. my plan is to get a dvd burner and a new printer and scaner, and a label printer. i can burn good quality dvds with a case, and make a ton of profit. let me know what you think.. please no morals crap
  12. styxx119

    fuck new york

    nigga pleeease, i took new york back in 88 that shits my mu'fuckin prop-er-TAAAY
  13. yellow and white old navy tee buffalo jeans black boxers white ankle socks Adio shoes hol back
  14. smoking is wack. youll just have to keep buying more and more.. id rather have extra money
  15. why would they waste money on a drug test.. all your doin is scaning fucking chocolate bars. and im sure youll be out of there in a couple months anyways.
  16. which batman movie had that ice guy.. i think played by swarzenager (sp?) that movie sucked so much balls
  17. that little pale aisan kid is scurry
  18. why not try getting back with her.. i mean just for the time being, so you can pork that shit
  19. im gonna go hit up some pawn shops. ill let everyone know what i find.
  20. im down for the vintage cams. nikon em thats cheap, same as my mom has, shes been using it for 20 years. whoever said it is right, technology is for digis. what other kind of things should i get as well.. fisheyes, filters, that kinda stuff
  21. so im looking to buy a 35mm slr cam. Mostly just for stuff i cant take on my digi. im not looking to spend a whole lot. like under 300$. help me out, and while your at it, show me what your rockin. peace
  22. styxx119


    wow, you guy are geeks, who really needs guages and shit for cpu usage.. who gives a fuck..
  23. did homer do that once.. with that shit he found in the trash, the auto dialer. the simpsons kick ass. thatd be funny if it wasent acctually pre recorded, if it was the actual actress, low ass bitch
  24. were those floating oranges?! thats fucked up shit.. what made you want to clean it now? looks like its been brewing for awile
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