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The Nonsense thread


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A few months back, I was taking my dog for a walk when it was dark out. As I rounded the corner going back towards my house, I saw a man coming up the street. At first I thought it was my father, but as he drew closer I saw it wasn’t. It was a man I’d never seen before in my life, a large, muscular man, walking pretty quickly in my direction.


My dog was a big dog, but at the time he was old and weak and I knew that if this man decided to attack me, my dog wouldn’t be able to protect me. I was absolutely terrified and didn’t know what to do, so I froze.


The man walked right past me and didn’t pay the slightest attention to me. In fact, it was like he didn’t even know I was there, but I still felt nervous as I hurried home.


Male privilege is not having to be terrified of strangers on the street. Male privilege is not having to worry about going out after dark in your own neighborhood.

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My GF thinks I need to talk to a doctor about depression.


Honestly if I was up to talking to a doctor I would want to discuss why my fucking hair continues to fall out and why my body hurts all of the time and I am so tired but I can’t sleep.


But all the doctor is going to want to talk about is why I am so fat, so really I hardly see the point.

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Just read a 86 page report that cost ~$8000 (paid for by a client, not me or the company I work for). It literally could have been 20 pages, and all the info was already readily available in hundreds of free articles on the internet. There was also an excessive amount of grammatical errors, copying and pasting of the exact same sentences/phrases throughout the report, and even a section that had the same paragraph twice in a row, verbatim. Apparently having the title of "industry expert" means you can copy and paste the same 10 pages worth of text 6 times, then add 26 pages worth of charts/graphs and intro/outro/etc pages and sell it for thousands of dollars. Nonsense. Why am I not ridiculously rich?




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