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haven't made a post like this in a minute


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wooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo!



man i wish i was dead! sike.







sike, sike, sike


























i think they're trying to sike you out

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hesh i feel you money.


i got drunk with friends tonight then went to a bar then went to an "after party" in brooklyn. i'm anticipating the rest of my life and most of all the upcoming st patricks day parade and the fixing of my drop top.



i heart life even though i owe money to insurance companies, student loans, and jesus.


*edit.... for those true gangland assasinations, i'll be between 48th and 49th right in front of Saks. one of the dopest spots on the route. you can walk right in and piss. just take the elevator up to the 3rd or 4th. we hea now. look for yeahmanword. white castle cup of the sweetness.:love3:

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by the way....at the pattys day parade this year, you can find me assuming one of the following positions along fifth ave.....


The "I'm drunk so why not tackle you into the snow to ensure you hooking up with me" pose. -always a classic. expect variations of the garb.



The "Shutterbug"..............


notice everyone hiding their faces to avoid being caught in a timeless image of me performing such an amazing movement.

Fuck the furious five.

Fuck crazy legs.


I'm in this...........





Finally we have the "Smooth Operator"



Notice the half-bared chest, a 9.7 grade grasp on the cigarrette that came from god-knows-where. It was probably from somewhere clean and safe considering i smoke so often.


Not to mention the Bud.








That's a Bud Ice.


Get the fucking picture faggots?




thought so.


yahtzee bitches.






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