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Everything posted by adderall

  1. siner crushed it bunch of good catches amaze got dissed bad nice old zen
  2. that what i was thinking.. remember seeing that kemo car hopper in another post (same flick)
  3. damn what a serious post denz always comes correct as fuck super and king, a2m, lots of smooth e2e's, crisp and fresh.. nice post
  4. king always brings heat
  5. those big long southern pacific joints are sick that chisme tanker gets around!
  6. cops are goofs sever and hybrid sight
  7. adderall


    dope that rebel is sick nosm on a freight ces and seen felon
  8. dont just break your nails break your fingers too this thread sucks as bad as your shitty ass pieces! get fucked
  9. gigs with the excellent letters
  10. jurne and isto bringing the heat
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